Transcend's SATA III SSD720 - Safer Data

9/17/2012 9:01:35 AM

No moving parts means less to go wrong

Faster, quieter, more reliable - these are things that are always asked for by PC users. But as far as hard drives go, they haven’t really been things that have seen that much improvement over the last few years. However, solid state drive (SSD) technology is turning storage ideas on their heads.

Description: Transcend’s SATA III SSD720


Transcend’s SATA III SSD720 is a 2.5 inch solid state drive perfect for laptops and notebooks. This diminutive drive consumes less power, reads and writes data more quickly, and is not subject to failure of working parts... because it doesn’t have any. Instead, this 1 28GB drive makes use of technology that doesn’t require a spinning disk to store data.

At the moment, SSD capacities are a little on the low side. But with technology moving so fast, we will likely see bigger SSDs shortly. In the meantime, though, this is one of the most reliable data storage devices we have seen.

Description: SATA III SSD720


At a glance

Summary: Even though the capacity isn't huge, this SSD is way more reliable - and safer - than a tradition HDD.

Tech Specs: 128GB capacity, SATA III, Read up to 550MB/s, Write up to 500MB/S, 2.5 inch, 7mm form factor

Manufacturer: Transcend

Distributer: Rectron


RRP: RI 499

Pros: Power efficient, Quiet, Fast

Cons: Light on storage space


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