SharePoint 2010 :Implementing a Partner Extranet Solution (part 1) - Creating the Extranet Web Application & Creating an Extranet Site Collection

2/25/2011 11:19:18 AM
This section demonstrates the process for implementing an extranet solution for collaborating with partners. This particular partner extranet solution sample has the following business requirements:
  • Use Windows Authentication for the internal users.

  • Use SQL Server Authentication via forms-based authentication (FBA).

  • The external URL must be for all users accessing the site.

  • The Partner team from CompanyXYZ must be able collaborate with the CompanyABC team. Some of the partners must be able to administer and contribute directly to the site.

The partner extranet solution will require the following five major steps:

Create the web application using claims-based authentication for the partner extranet site.

Create the site collection using the appropriate site template.

Configure the authentication providers. Modify the web.config to use FBA. Ensure that SharePoint will have access to the SQL Server database.

Assign permissions to the external users.

Validate that all user types can access the partner extranet site,

Creating the Extranet Web Application

To create the web application that will be used for the extranet, do the following:

Open SharePoint Central Administration from a browser.

Click Manage Web Applications under Application Management.

Click the New button in the Ribbon.

In the Create New Web Application page, as shown in Figure 1, choose Claims-Based Authentication.

Figure 1. Create New Web Application page.

Choose Create a New IIS Website.

Enter Port 80 or an appropriate port.

Enter Host Header:

Select the identity providers for the web application: Windows Authentication. It is recommended that the web application and site collection be tested before adding or modifying any type of authentication. This helps narrow the scope of issues when diagnosing authentication provider issues.

Choose the appropriate application pool configuration for the extranet web application. It is recommended that unique application pool are created with unique application pool accounts for all extranet web applications to ensure proper security isolation.

Enter a database name that is appropriate and consistent with the nomenclature established with the organization.

Do not use the default group for service application when creating an extranet web application. It is recommended that a custom service application proxy group be created for the extranet web applications, to ensure that only specific service applications are enabled for use in the extranet web applications.

Creating an Extranet Site Collection

To create the site collection used for the extranet, perform the following steps:

Open the browser to the Central Administration site.

Click Create Site Collections under Application Management.

Select the web application for which the new site collection will be created. Choose

Enter the title and description for the site collection, as shown in Figure 2 (for example, ABC Partner Dash).

Figure 2. Create Site Collection page.

Select the appropriate site template for the site collection (for example, Group Work Site).

Enter the primary and secondary site collection administrators.
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