Zyxel NSA310 : Ideal for streaming

6/24/2012 9:42:09 AM

NSA310 of Zyxel is such a simple single-disk NAS enclosure, having an ambition to become a media server than a NAS device with top configuration.

It is definitely a real bargain in accompany with a 2TB hard disk, at half the price of 2TB NAS enclosures of Synology such as DS111. Nevertheless, it doesn’t neglect its configuration at all. Being equipped with a 1.2GHz ARM processor and 256MB RAM, a heavy workload including a large amount of data and HD streaming content can be handled easily.

Description: Zyxel NSA310

This NAS enclosure is absolutely well-made, and an USB port in the front panel makes it useful for you to easily copy files from the external storages with a copy/sync button on it. At the back of enclosure lies a USB port with an eSATA port, while a 40mm fan offers the cooling atmosphere. Fortunately, this fan acts quietly, though the lack of sound proofing for its one and only disk means the NSA310 isn’t the quietest NAS enclosure we’ve ever used.

It is so fast and easy to install this hard disk, along with this easy-to-understood software; as a result, you can set up NSA310 and make it ready to work within half an hour. The user interface is quite nice and smooth, but provides limited access to NSA310 options. These options, which including settings for the media server, download manager, energy and storage management, are allocated in a completely different section with the System. There is no clue about this in the instructions, which makes it a little bit disappointed.

Ideal for streaming       

Zyxel advertised NSA310 as a media server, for this aspect, it supports UPnP and has been DLNA certified; therefore, it can stream contents to phones, joysticks and media streamers as well as act as an iTunes and Logitech Media Server. However, what it can do is not fully listed. It is also convenient for you to upload images and video straight to Flickr and YouTube, no PC needed, and NAS has one of the best downloading application we’ve seen in a NAS enclosure NAS. Besides, it supports BitTorrent and eMule via a drag-and-drop download manager; consequently, you can easily download files directly to NSA310, and NAS will immediately sort files into its specific folders.

You can keep an eye on the contents directly on the web browser by using a built-in media player of the interface, or listen with the free VLC player on the The media streaming to different devices through shared folders or joysticks worked quite well, and HD video playback on our wired network was also smooth. During our transfer tests, NAS achieved the average result at 30MB/s in dealing with large files, but only 7MB/s towards small files. NSA310 works so well on video presentation much more than a general storage device.

Zyxel NSA310 is easy to use, performs quite well. It can’t provide the fastest transfer speed we’ve seen but at this price, it is such a real bargain.

Description: Zyxel NSA310


Comments:  A NAS device focusing mainly on media is such a real bargain.

Network enclosure storage: 2TB hard disk, Ethernet 10/100/1000Mbit/s, 1 USB2 port, UPnP media, iTunes server, printer, USB, web, FTP, life-time warranty, 130x362x110mm.

Power consumption: 11W idle, 14W active.


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