iPad Mini Test (Part 3)

2/14/2013 9:19:53 AM

Although any applications of iPad will work with mini iPad, smaller screen has some disadvantages. If application uses especially small pressing and controlling buttons, it’s difficult to press or pull these things. Text that is small on standard iPad can be smaller. Apple showed that developers would have right to care mini iPad. It means that application can show another configuration if it is running on mini iPad. And this thing is similar to general applications that can target iPhone or iPad.

Keyboard on screen of mini is remarably smaller than standard iPad’s keyboard. If you don’t have big hands, it’s difficult for you to type without seeing keyboard exactly with 10 fingers.

On the other hand, we are fans of keyboard that has straight direction of mini. On big iPad, this keyboard is too small to type with 10 fingers; however, it is too big to type by thumb easily. On mini, keyboard with straight direction is nearly perfect: it is small enough to allow you to reach every key, but it is also big enough for you not to type incorrect keys.

Mini is a beautiful design to watch video. It isn’t 1080p (720p video’s resolution is even reduced a little) but video looks like wonderful and its size means that you can easily hold it in a long time or make it fabricate on table in plane.

Mini also becomes our favorite to play most of games. Small size and light weight help you easily hold it in your hands to long times to play game. And it is especially appropriate to games that have arcade type and pressing buttons on screen and D-pad. Mini is light enough to use in a long time like steering wheel to games about racing games.

Description: Mini also becomes our favorite iPad to play most of the games.

Mini also becomes our favorite iPad to play most of the games.

Are these things similar to old proverb “to consume, not creative”? But while iPad obviously proved that it can be wonderful for both things, we think that mini iPad belongs consumers more. You can use it to be creative, especially with creative purpose without typing much. However, big iPad is sure to be a better thing to these tasks.

To buy or not

Is it too expensive? Some people criticized that mini iPad’s price is higher than Android tablets. Apple quiclkly shows that iPad of the third generation whose first price is $598, it has been the most successful iPad until now. In addition, it is tablet that is sold well in the world. Here implication is that everyone shouldn’t buy tablet due to price – they are buying iPad. According to Apple’s view, mini began to reduce input price to buy iPad while maintaining iPad experience and providing bigger screen than competitors. We use the strongest competitor of mini iPad – Nexus 7 of Google in a long time. We think that better combination of hardware, model and improvement, iOS and application ecosystem and appendix of mini iPad will be appropriate to many people.

Should you buy? If you used equipment of Retina screen and you don’t think you could get acquainted with screen without Retina of mini, you shouldn’t buy. If you use iPad to work seriously and need larger screen and higher resolution than standard iPad, you shouldn’t buy. If you possess a standard ipad and you never want it to be smaller, you shouldn’t also buy. If you have iPhone and you feel that is is large enough, you shouldn’t.

On the other hand, if you have standard ipad and you used to think “I wish I could have smaller and lighter iPad”, you should consider it seriously. If you like iPhone, but you hope that you will have something that is bigger to run iPad application, I’m sure that mini is large enough to consider. And it you don’t have iPad yet and you are seeking to buy, we hope that you should consider mini iPad before considering paying more money to larger models.

In reality, comparing with iPad 2, mini iPad has better hardware, high density of pixel and lower price. We base on these things and actually we cannot introduce iPad 2 with $493 price with anyone except for people who need larger screen of iPad 2. To other people, mini iPad is a wonderful product in a cheaper, lighter and smaller package.

We assume that mini iPad’s price will be continuously reduced, you will meet the most difficult question: iPad of the fourth generation or mini iPad? It you are in need of money, you can save $195 if you you buy mini. Moreover, you also have enough iPad experience, including accessing to all of the applications and similar appendixes. If you appreciate mobile feature, light weight, using one hand, and small size of iPand make it be attractive.

On the other hand, giving more $195 to iPad of the fourth generation will help you have a bigger screen, higher resolution and due to processor and graphics of the next generation, its longevity is longer about updating iOS and application efficiency. You think about it like Retina MacBook Pro of iPad. Some people really need to buy Pro.

Advice for shopping

Don’t confuse “mini” in “mini iPad” with “lite”- with exception of Retina screen, this minimizing tablet gives you enough experience including accessing more than 275 thousands of applications that are optimized to iPad in equipment. This equipment’s size is a half of general size and weight of standard models. People who like Retina screen will criticize 1,024x768-pixel screen, but we consider that most of the people will be persuaded by other features, efficiency and building quality that are efficient to accept screen. Although this screen isn’t Retina, it is very good.


·         Price: $403 (16GB); $523 (32GB); $643 (64GB); mobile models are more expensive with $150.

·         Company: Apple

·         Website:



·         Advantage: ultra-thing and light; similar to bid iPad; 7.9-inch screen

·         Disadvantage: more expensive than competitive 7-inch tablets, keyboard on screen is small; no Retina screen; bad camera

·         Rank: 5/5


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