How to download YouTube videos on BlackBerry Q10, Q5 and Z10

10/6/2014 9:03:15 PM

Everybody loves to watch YouTube videos and with your BlackBerry Q5/Q10/Z10, you can watch the video on your device anywhere anytime you want, but there are some videos that you like a lot and want to download but you are unable to as there is no option to download YouTube video on BlackBerry 10. What if we tell you there is a way through which you can download the YouTube videos on your device and you don’t need any app too. Lets see how to do that.

Download Process

Open the browser of your BlackBerry Z10/Q10/Q5/Playbook, yes PlayBook(this method also works for the PlayBook) and type in the address field.

BlackBerry Z10/Q10/Q5 browser address field

It will load YouTube on your browser, search for any video you want to download.

Youtube on BlackBerry 10 browser

For example if you want to download this video shown in the screenshot “A drunk Jesse Appears you needs its Url. For that first we need is to open that video page in the BlackBerry 10/PlayBook browser, there is no need to play the video, when the video page is opened as shown in the screenshot, tap on the address field of BlackBerry 1o browser.

BlackBerry Z10 browser address field

It will highlight the complete link of that video, just copy this link (long press and select copy icon.


Then go to this website by typing the address in the browser. on BlackBerry 10 browser

On this site you can see an address field where you can paste the YouTube video link. on BlackBerry 10 browser

Paste the video link you copied from the YouTube in the address field present on this page.

Url pasted on address field

Tap on the Go button, you will be asked for the confirmation.

Video download

Tap on the Download button and the browser download window will be opened.

BlackBerry 10 Download window

Tap on the save button and your YouTube video will start downloading.

BlackBerry 10 download status

In this way you can download any YouTube video to you BlackBerry Q10/Z10/Q5 and PlayBook and enjoy watching that video without loading YouTube. In the same way you can use the BlackBerry PlayBook browser to download YouTube videos.

3G Cost Warning

Please try to use this process on Wi-Fi. Using it on 3G could cost a lot while the videos are very large downloads.

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