The Speaker Stand: Logitech

11/8/2012 9:16:30 AM

More than just a docking station...

It seems that almost everyone has climbed aboard the iWagon, producing peripherals for use with - generally - Apple's iPod. But there are a growing number of devices being made to be used with the iPad, and Logitech have secured their position as a strong contender in that particular playing field. Thanks to the wild popularity of the iPad, devices that work with the tablet have a very viable appeal to a large market, so Logitech's move into this arena is a sensible one.

Description: Logitech


The Speaker Stand for iPad is something of an unusual device, because we haven't seen a huge number of docking stations for the tablet yet. We have seen keyboards and external speakers, even cases with extended functionality, but a dock like this is still fairly original. Quite simply, it allows the user to dock their tablet and, as a result, make use of excellent sound (as one would expect from Logitech.)

But this device goes beyond just improved audio, and the creative user will find many ways that it can improve their tablet computing experience.

Description: the Speaker Stand is excellent if you own an iPad.

The Speaker Stand is excellent if you own an iPad.

See, the Speaker Stand has a large bracket that holds the iPad, with an interface port at the bottom. This bracket can be rotated 90 degrees, allowing either a portrait or landscape orientation of the tablet. Further, it can be angled according to the user's needs. This gives the user a great number of angles at which they can position their iPad while it is docked, and the bracket does not interfere with the screen at all. It offers, therefore, a stable and solid ‘hands-free’ solution for using the iPad, in addition to charging the tablet while it is docked, and delivering great sound. From watching movies, listening to music and playing games, through to surfing the web and typing up notes, the Speaker Stand is a great companion. It makes tablet computing a lot easier, and even more enjoyable. Even reading an ebook is better with this stand.

The bracket and arm are mounted atop a sturdy base, which houses the speakers and volume controls in the front. The device can get fairly loud, too, without much distortion at all. Around the back is the power port, as well as a ort for a 3.5mm jack, which allows other devices (like MP3 players) to be used with the Speaker Stand as well.

Although it is fairly focussed in its functionality, the Speaker Stand is excellent if you own an iPad. The only thing that would have made it better is if you could have connected to your PC via the device. But we can't always have everything we want and, aside from this minor complaint, it really is a great tool.


A great sound solution for iPad, as well as a really handy device for tablet computing.

Tech specs

·         iPad compatible

·         3.5mm jack

·         Fully positionable

·         Recharges iPad

·         6W RMS


·         Sturdy

·         Hand-free iPad!

·         Good sound


Need to get an iPad first..










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