Yamaha PDX-11 - Well-Rounded Quality With Excellent Bass

12/28/2012 8:58:13 AM

We check out some Yamaha kit in different locations.

The Yamaha PDX-11's title gives little away regarding this product's functionality; although the appearance of the Yamaha name should give the clue that audio will have a role to play. In fact, the Yamaha PDX-11 is a portable speaker dock designed to work with the iPod/iPhone family when connected to the mains or powered by batteries.

Yamaha PDX-11

It has to be said that the PDX-11's design concept will not be to everybody's taste. My first thoughts on receiving this product were that I had been sent one of those lights used on a theatre stage to illuminate the performance. However, the presence of a front-mounted dark blue metal grille and the control/docking panel on the top of the unit quickly put right my misconception. This octagonal device is clearly a speaker/docking device but perhaps not one you might wish to be the focal point of a living room. With its overall shape, studded collar and rigid silver metal carry handle, the PDX-11 would feel more at home in a workroom, as it pumps out its volume from a 4" woofer and 3.5cm tweeter.

The unit's controls and docking unit are perched on top of the unit. Arranged between buttons for volume adjustment and power on/off are two LED status lights colored green and red, with the latter indicating problems or when the volume level is at the minimum or maximum. The docking station is located in a sunken well.

Yamaha PDX-11

The rear of the PDX-11 houses connection sockets for mains power and aux-in. There's also a concealed compartment for inserting six AA batteries for when away from a mains power source. While you're supplied with a power lead, you will need to provide the audio lead with 3.5mm jack plugs for use with the aux-in connection and the batteries.

A remote control device is provided for controlling the iPod/iPhone device mounted on the docking station. This remote unit only fully supports the more recent Apple offerings. For instance, I could control the volume level but little else with my iPod Classic docked on this unit. I had access to greater functionality when I switched to an iPod touch. With this device I could access its menu, switch between tracks as well as adjusting the volume level. However, in mitigation, I must state that the PDX-11 was able to recognize and play content from my iPod Classic whereas other similar devices I have seen fail to manage this.

Yamaha PDX-11

Yamaha PDX-11

It has been my experience with speaker docks that feature an aux-in connection is you could either play content from one or the other. The Yamaha PDX-11 does not abide by this concept. It is possible to have audio being played simultaneously from the docked device and a second device connected to the aux-in. I am not really sure why you would want to do this unless you have the remarkable ability to listen to two pieces of music at the same time. I can work while I listen to music but the two music streams is a talent I have yet to master.

Two simultaneous music tracks apart, the Yamaha PDX-11 delivers well-rounded quality with excellent bass, clear vocals and bright treble. With its weight of 1.5kg, this is not a device for being your jogging companion, but it would be ideal for the evening barbecue or countryside picnic when we next get a summer.


·         Price: $128

·         Manufacturer: Yamaha

·         Website:

·         Required spec: n/a


·         Quality: 9

·         Value: 8

·         Overall: 8


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