Exposure 1010 CD Player And Integrated Amplifier

1/22/2013 4:47:08 PM

The 1010 Exposure has suitable price for a lot of people who are interested in sound. It brings an emotional performance with sound that is balanced, natural lively and has a lot of details.

British is the country that produces famous brand names of sound. In recent decades, people who are interested in sound will be familiar with names such as: Tannoy, Linn, Naim, Arcam, Musical Fidelity... while Exposure is rather strange. Occasionally, they find a “second-hand” amplifier of Exposure at a store that sells second-hand furniture. People who used to use Exposure will appreciate this brand name and they consider that Exposure’s product is similar to Naim - a high ranking brand name that is trusted.

Description: Exposure 1010 Amplifier’s price is $714.

Exposure 1010 Amplifier’s price is $714.

Couple of amplifier and CD DVD of entry-level series of Exposure has 1010 binary symbol. DVD’s price is $681 and amplifier’s price is $714 and they were becoming important couple on eventful hi-fi arena in the last days of 2012.

Description: Exposure 1010 CD Player

2 products of entry-level 1010 series of Exposure are produced at Malaysia with clear intention to reduce maximum price but remain sound characteristics of firm and their design is irreducible about both form and feature. This couple uses the same type of cover that is made of tole with lumpy paint. Their front face is made of milling aluminum that is casted shapely. And they are also anodized to prevent scratching. Their loudspeaker stake, signal stake isn’t high-ranking enough to make users impressed and they are different from other products. Control arm is very simple, small and made of plastic so that they help reduce price.

“Quality is inside product” – this is a correct consideration about this couple of product. As soon as we open its upper cover, we consider this is a product that will bring good quality through method of designing circuit and using components. Both of them have circuit designing style of British. They are neat, tidy and use a few of components. It is different from designing style of Japanese that is fussy, complex and inextricable.

Description: Components in amplifier are arranged tidily and scientifically.

Components in amplifier are arranged tidily and scientifically.

Exposure Amplifier has tidy electric circuit; it is arranged less than a half of bottom’s area. On the top of big circuit are 2 small circuits that have to transfer input signal and pre-amplification. Capacity circuit is made of thick string of glass with 2 covers of circuits that are covered copper stably. Components are arranged tidily and scientifically on 2 faces of circuit to ensure that signal’s path is the shortest. Amplifier uses 2 high-ranking couples of Toshiba’s coal at capacity. A high-ranking bracelet source of Noratel firm is produced according to Exposure’s order form; it has 120VA capacity and has to provide the whole equipment with source. Circuit filtering source uses many small condensers that are installed parallel to reduce internal resistance. Most of the condensers that are used on element electric circuit are Elna firm’s condensers. They have good sound quality. Potentiometer is blue type of ALPS firm (Japan). It is attached motor to adjust volume on control arm.

Description: A high-ranking bracelet source of Noratel firm (British)

A high-ranking bracelet source of Noratel firm (British)

CD DVD is also designed according to this style. The element electric circuits are separated independently to prevent noise. Servo circuit that controls mechanics is arranged below mechanical part and ensures that RF signal has the shortest path. Mechanical part of Sony firm has KSS 213C eye reader that is easily replaced. Sensor that provides power is high quality bracelet sensor of Noratel firm. Source filtering circuit is arranged in the center of motherboard and this thing is very intelligent. Filter’s heart is PCM 1716 decoder of Burr Brown firm. Condenser that is used in source is Elna Silmic. Condenser of number and analog is new model of Elna with aluminum plate that has low inside resistance and it is designed to radio particularly.

Technological principle of 1010’s 2 products is similar to many products of firm that are more high-ranking. People eliminate some unnecessary features to reduce price so that many customers will pay much attention to this product. However, its basic functions are also similar to 2010 or 3010 series that are bought with higher price.

Although 1010’s products are produced in Malaysia, they are sent to British to be checked before given to distributors. Engineers that test product’s quality will write testing result of every stage on note and put it inside cover of 2 products. This thing means that firm pays much attention to product’s quality regardless of entry-level series and their price is popular.

Description: Note that is used to write testing result of every stage before product is finished and stored in barrel.

Note that is used to write testing result of every stage before product is finished and stored in barrel.

Test Exposure 1010 Amplifier with Cambridge Azur 640C MkII reader-compositing partner and couple of bookself Amphion Argon 3 loudspeaker.  Although these integrated amplifiers have modest capacity (55W), they have supreme sound that can shake room with volume about 11 hours. Bass sound is solid, tidy and not pulled tail. Sound is emotive with beautifully high and separated range. Especially, this system’s movement is rather good and it can bring a jubilant sound stage with clearly roan cover.

When you replace Cambridge Azur 640C II with Cambridge Azur 640C II’s reader, sound is improved clearly, especially in details and natural. When you listen to some songs, sound seems to be not as confused as previous readers. In addition, stage is receded behind and this thing creates a comfortable feeling. This medium range is better and it creates confidence in a rank system. Sound of instruments has vibration that is realer than previous readers.

In general evaluation, Exposure 1010 has a suitable price and it can bring emotional performance with sound that is balanced, natural, lively and rich of details. This couple is suitable with many kinds of music, especially symphony and performing in a concert. Although they are only entry-level products, these couples compete equally with many similar combos whose price is higher in the market.

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