How did Webs put the world on maps? (Part 3)

5/3/2012 3:49:26 PM

The map on your PC

Although the online mapping services are a great and famous resource, there are advantages in storing maps locally on your hard drive. These maps are often faster than the web-based map, providing the ability to pan and zoom right away for those who do not have very fast Internet connection. Furthermore, if you are on the Bothy Mountain in Scottish Highlands, for example, being able to see the detailed map when there is no web access is something you will appreciate much.

The maps which are stored in this way are often the maps you have purchased. On the disadvantages, it costs you, unlike the free services we mentioned above. On the advantages, if you buy a certain map, or a map data, you can do almost anything you like with it. The most popular map data in Britain is Explorer Series maps of 1:25.000 and Ordnance Survey’s Landranger 1:50.000.

Description: Ordnance Survey’s Landranger 1:50.000

Ordnance Survey’s Landranger 1:50.000

Once you have bought the map, you will be able to print large maps as you want or upload data from laptops to handheld GPS receivers, or even a smartphone with the appropriate applications. The providers of driver-based mapping products mainly aimed at enthusiasts of outdoor activities including Fugawi, Anquet, Mapyx Quo and Tracklogs. We look at the Memory-Map a bit more detail. All these products have much in common, but prices can vary so you should research before you buy.

With disk-based products, Memory-Map offers two options for data: either you can buy online and download it from the web via Digital Map Shop in, or you can order it on CD. The download will add more data, especially if you need a new area quickly, but if you want larger maps, receiving data on disk can avoid long download times.

As an example of its price, you can buy the whole of England at the rate of 1:50.000 with $320 1:25.000 data is much more expensive, and here you can choose to use Digital Map Shop. For example, you can purchase one of many popular areas like national parks on the CD, each area costs $150. However, in case of being online, you can select exactly the area you want for $50 per square kilometer, down to $40 if you buy $155 by credit card.

Memory-Map also offers online maps in the form of TrailZilla (, which provides OS maps for the entire country with a printing option. It costs $15 per year for the OS Landranger or $40 per year for the Explorer. However, because it does not have the advantage of storing the local data, it is basically the similar service to OS getamap.

Specialized maps

For general use, the mapping products and services we have considered are definitely appropriate. However, they are only the tips of the iceberg, and if your hobby is more specialized, there are certain online maps which can meet your needs. We will not go into details here, but you can find something interesting in the preliminary review of our more specialized mapping products.

If you like what lies at the bottom than on the surface, British Geological Survey (BGS) provide access to the geographical maps in Geographic information is available at some rate, although you have to pay for access to more data. Data of 1: 50,000 rates are free for non-commercial use, and you can watch it online on the Geology of Britain Viewer.

It includes zoom and normal pan controls, and you can choose to pile up the geographic layers on the map or satellite images. You can also adjust the clarity of geology, and if you double-click on any part of the map, a pop-up window will appear to describe the rocks. Why don’t you try to see what lies beneath your house?

Although most of the digital data of the local map office is free for non-commercial use, you must pay the license fee if you want to use a part of the map in publications like company brochures, walking directions or club newsletter. However, the U.S. Geological Investigation Bureau (USGS), Maps Department of the U.S. government, have another method to give all data and maps to the public. This means that if you want to create a hiking guide to the Appalachian Mountains, for example, you will not lose any money to reproduce the USGS maps - good news for anyone interested in exploring the outdoors.

To access the USGS Topo maps, go to USGS Store ( and select the Map Locator and Downloader. Find the area you want, then select Mark Points and click to place a marker over the area that you are interested in. Now you can double-click the marker to select the map to download. The maps are provided in Geo PDF format, viewable in Adobe Acrobat Reader and allow you to select the elements to show map.
But we believe in free maps, unfortunately the online service of the USGS is somewhat archaic. Instead of providing access to maps, each download from the USGS Store is the exact copy of the paper map, so if you are interested in the areas on the edge, it can stand between the two maps.

A strange and specialized map is a project which is being carried out at San Diego University in California State. According to the website of the project, the researchers hope to "understand the impact of development by an event or idea which is dispersed throughout the world over time and space. This project seeks out to draw the geologic map as well as the college age and ideas on cyberspace, because the waves of using information radiate to the external from the epicenter of a certain event. "The idea of ​​tracking terrorists and extremists on the web to see where the information comes and how it spreads is an example of how this map can act. Perhaps it is quite suitable that the web has become the driving force behind most of the revolutions in the mapping field, several latest studies in the map research department are related to trying to draw maps on the web.

Use an old-aged map

Map is a valuable resource for historians and may be important as any written materials, but the old map can attract anyone. If you want to watch your every street looks like, Google Earth allows you to turn back the clock. Select the View option, Historical Imagery, and a scroll bar will appear. For most locations, certainly you will be limited to only a few points of times but some areas have more - try New York, for example.

Description: OS OpenSpace provides everything you need to create an outstanding application based on the map of the map office.



OS OpenSpace provides everything you need to create an outstanding application based on the map of the map office.

With the copyright has expired on many old maps of the Ordnance Survey, the maps of Britain from the early 20th century or more are currently available online. A website is particularly good, in which it incorporates a variety of historical maps of the Ordnance Survey, the Sabre Maps (; it will appeal to historians and those who are just curious about how their place looked like in the past. The maps are available at the rate of 1 inch to 1 mile (1:63.360), and includes Popular Edition version (from mid-1919 to 1926), New York Edition (from 1940), and Seventh Series (from 1950 to 1960), although the later series do not provide full coverage because a variety of maps still have copyright limit. Moreover, you can have the road map at a rate of from half an inch to a mile (1:126.720), ¼ inch to a mile (1:253.440) at 10 miles to the inch (1:633.600) for some points of time from 1920 to 1950.

In this digital map vacation, we have reviewed how the web has revolutionized the way we view, create and interact with the maps look like. Even with the fans of paper maps, especially those who appreciate the beauty of a hand-drawn map, the modernization has helped preserve and have easy access to map many years ago. The online services like Google Maps can never be stopped as the Mappa Mundi, but the ability to draw the map in the past and present and make these maps more accessible to anyone with an internet connection must be certainly an equally important achievement as well.

Reveal the secret: Embedding OS map onto the website

Embedding the content such as maps from other websites can actually help to promote a website, and you easily do this with the OS Openspace. As an illustration of what can be achieved with Openspace, go to iCoastWeb at Because Openspace is free for non-commercial use, you can create something impressive.

iCoast is a map-based website presenting information for visitors going to Dorset with 26 recreational activities, from diving to hunting fossils. Visitors can quickly find interesting things to see and do, and the website also provides practical information such as traffic links, weather and location of the visitors’ centers. Codes are associated with all activities for visitors and local residents to be able to use Dorset coast safely and sustainably.

James Feaver, a project officer of Geographical Information Systems (GIS), explained how OS Openspace allows websites to operate. For example, one benefit is that the project team does not need to worry about data management which is used to draw the original map, as it has been provided by the OS Openspace. Feaver said, "OS Openspace means that we have created something outstanding, which we are very proud."

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