How Much Watts Do You Need (Part 1) : Enermax Maxrevo 1500w

12/14/2012 9:23:25 AM

Premium PSUs Rounded Up & Run Ragged

When investing in a power supply, there’s more to consider than how many watts it can deliver. For starters, you should know the number of PCI-E and EPS12V connectors you’ll need. In terms of extra connectors, overclockers should note that many top-notch motherboards now offer two 8-pin EPS connectors to deliver extra juice to the CPU. Some motherboards with multiple PEG slots also feature one 6-pin or 8-pin +12V connector to provide supplementary power for running a multi-card (and possibly overclocked) graphics subsystem. As such, the number and types of +12V connectors on your power supply can have a big impact on what type of motherboard you can use in your build.

You’ll also want to take the unit’s efficiency into account. Many high-end power supplies now meet the 80 PLUS Platinum (at least 92% efficient at 50% load) or Gold (at least 90% efficient) certification, which can save on your power bill and help the environment.


For this roundup, we checked out some of newest options from a variety of big-name PSU vendors. For your reference, we’ve added the benchmark numbers for all of the power supplies we’ve reviewed since the last PSU roundup (February 2012 issue) into one massive chart found at the end of this article. This way, you can compare and contrast how the units in this roundup stack up to the models we’ve tested in the previous nine months. Knowledge is power, after all, and this roundup is all about power.

How we tested

We installed the power supplies into a system running Intel’s Core i7-3770K on a GIGABYTE GAZ77X- UP4 TH motherboard. For graphics power, the system included two ZOTAC GeForce GTX 580s. We then added 16GB of Patriot Memory’s Viper Xtreme DDR3-1600 and a 128GB Crucial RealSSD C300 to round out our test system. To max the system’s power draw (thus testing our PSUs), we simultaneously ran POV-ray 3.7 Beta (stress CPU) and the Aliens vs. Predator (stress GPUs) benchmark, which was set to the highest settings and a resolution of 2,560 x 1,600.

We measured the maximum wattage, power factor, volts, and amps using an Extech True RMS Power Analyzer Datalogger. We took measurements with SLI both enabled and disabled to show you how the power supply performed at different loads. The key measurement from the testing process is power factor, because it measures the relationship between the power available (the incoming AC power) and the actual amount of DC power used. Thus, it’s another way to measure a power supply’s efficiency.

Enermax Maxrevo 1500w

This completely modular power supply from ENERMAX provides you with 1,500 watts of power, and there are six +12V rails (two 20A, four 30A) to power a range of high-end components. ENERMAX also boasts that MAXREVO 1500W utilizes a transformer with four magnetic quadrants for superior switching efficiency and high-wattage output stability. Another cool feature is a copper-bridge array that, according to ENERMAX, gives the MAXREVO the ability to regulate wide DC dynamic loads within 2%. To put that in perspective, Intel’s SSI Design Guide requires that loads only be regulated within 5%.

MAXREVO 1500W: $359.99/ ENERMAX,

MAXREVO 1500W: $359.99/ ENERMAX,

With the MAXREVO 1500W, ENERMAX bundles the 24-pin main power and +12V EPS 8-pin cables together, and the bundle connects to the two 12V rails rated at 20A. To power your graphics cards, there are five PCI-E cables, and each cable has two 6+2-pin connectors. It may seem like overkill, but the 10 PCI-E connectors can come in handy with newer motherboards that offer built-in 8-pin and 6-pin PCI-E inputs for extra GPU power stability. You’ll also find another +12V 8-pin EPS connector and one +12V 4-pin ATX connector to cover all of the possible CPU power configurations. There are a total of 14 SATA connectors, 10 Molex connectors, and two FDD connectors. One of the cables offers a mix of SATA and Molex connectors, while the remaining six cables are built with just SATA (three sets) or Molex (three sets) connectors.

The MAXREVO 1500W measured 8.25 inches factoring in cable bend. ENERMAX installed a 139mm Twister Bearing fan with a rotor that uses a magnet for frictionless motion, and the fan has a self-lubricating bearing material to improve its life span. The power supply meets the ErP Lot 6 2010 standard, so you can pair it with a motherboard that supports ErP Lot 6 to let the PSU work at less than 1W in standby. This power supply is up to 94% efficient and meets the 80 PLUS Gold certification.

In our testing, the MAXREVO 1500W delivered the highest power factors in both the single-GPU and SLI tests. With one GeForce GTX 580, we saw a maximum wattage of 410W, a power factor of .989, a maximum voltage of 116.3V, and a maximum amperage of 3.56A. In SLI, the power supply produced 620 watts, a .991 power factor, 117.1 volts, and 5.41 amps. The high power factor results show the ENERMAX’s transformer and voltage regulation technology help to improve its power conversion capabilities.


The 1500W MAXREVO is best for enthusiasts with at least three GPUs, as they’ll be able to take full advantage of the power supply’s capabilities. We can also see this unit as a fit for those who want a power supply that offers enough power and connectors for future high-end builds.

In our testing, the MAXREVO 1500W delivered the highest power factors in both the single-GPU and SLI tests.

Benchmark Results

Two GeForce GTX 580s

§  Maximum Wattage: 620

§  Power Factor: 0.991

§  Volts: 117.1

§  Amps: 5.41


§  Price: $359.99

§  12V rails: 6

§  +12V max (A): 2 20A, 4 30A

§  +5V max (A): 25A

§  +3.3V max: 25A

§  Efficiency rating (as advertised): 94%

§  Fan: 139mm

§  PCI-E: 8 (6+2-pin)

§  Main 12V: 24-pin

§  8-pin EPS 12V: 2 (8-pin)

§  4-pin 12V: 1

§  SATA: 14

§  4-pin Molex: 10

§  Floppy: 2

§  Warranty: 5 years

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