CPU System Workshop (Part 5) - ZALMAN CNPS11X PERFORMA, Corsair Vengenance K60

4/10/2012 11:28:47 AM



When you are building a gaming PC in this size, you easily get lost in the test results. How much is the score of our top 3DMark? How many frames/sec do we measure in Game XYZ on average? But there is one other equally important question, if not more: what can prevent our high-end components from being on fire? If you have not found it, we're talking about the cooling.

The problem with the proper cooling for the job is particularly relevant in our case, since Intel announced the Core i7 processor Extreme Edition 3960X, we will provide power process, you provide the cooling fan. Facing with this, we change our direction to a company which has produced high-quality cooling devices for years. Zalman has responded to our call by offering CNPS11X Performa, an impressive CPU cooling fan moving more air without causing much noise.

The radiator’s center of CNPS11X Performais is what Zalman called DTH technology (Direct Touch heatpipes). 4-copper heat pipes insert through two layers of thick aluminum ribs of CNPS11X Performa, which is more special than the normal conduit. Zalman has machined the heat pipes so that all of them can have direct exposure to the integrating heatsink device of the CPU. This method is better the traditional fan model, where the heat from CPU is transfered to a heat pipe through a thick copper block wedged into the cooling device of CPU, because the heat pipes of CNPS11X Performa can take the heat out of CPU faster and more efficiently.

Zalman also paid more attention to the radiator side of CNPS11X Performa. We often see the cooler with the negligent assembly of aluminum frames. The Zalman’s cooling fan is arranged in the shape of V to reduce air resistance from 120mm PWM fan of CNPS11X Permorma. CNPS11X Permorma can keep Core i7-3960X cool even when we run it hard in the test application. With Zalman's comprehensive approach to cooling, CNPS11X Permorma handles its job at maximum 26dBA. It is a great balance between thermal performance and noise.

CPPS11X Permorma have compatibility with the latest high-end CPU from Intel and AMD, along with several heritage processor sockets . It has proved to be capable of handling the fastest desktop processor on the planet, so it is a great option whether you are planning a new design or just trying to upgrade the existing fan .

CNPS11X Performa

49,99 USD


Technical features: compatible socket capability: Intel LAG775/1155/1356/1366/2011, AMD AM2/2+/3/3+, AMD FM1; material: copper (heat pipe), aluminum (rib); size: 6.1 x 3.1 x 5.3 inch (HxWxD); fan: 1 PWM 120mm; noise: from 17 to 26dBA.


Corsair Vengenance K60


Description: Corsair Vengenance K60

When you started design your “great” gaming machine, we believed that a few selected components would cost you a lot of money. Of course, high-end graphics card is required, as well as powerful processor. However, when your component list increases and increases in bills, accessories seem to be far away the priority list because you're trying to get the job done with just a basic keyboard. After all, the keyboard is just a keyboard, right?

Wrong! The keyboard is one of the main pipelines between you and your killer machine, and you are challenging yourself by spending less money on this key component. When playing game, you need a fast, accurate and reliable keyboard. You will not see it in a normal keyboard. You will find it in Corsair Vengeance K60 gaming keyboard.

We have spent many hours with Vengeance K60 and could tell you that it is a good bargain. K60 uses Cherry MX Red mechanical switches, which is extremely fast, sensitive, and rather quiet. By using these mechanical switches, K60 always gives you the same action. With practice, you will become professional mechanical keyboard player, and your opponent will feel this.

At this time, many keyboards for enthusiasts use Cherry MX switches. Corsair's unique label is attached, and this quality seal proved worthy from the start to finish. This is a delicate keyboard with design elements that considered by a company care about customers. The WASD keys and the keys from 1 to 6, the player's best friends, with coarse and contour texture; the subtle difference is actually more important than you think when you're using it with a slight heat PvP. Because of witches in Corsair design department, the K60 individual switches have dedicated diodes (shadow elimination) and the ability to press 20 keys at the same time (20-key rollover) of the keyboard overcome most other USB-based models that can only hit 6 keys simultaneously.

In addition to the extraordinary performance, you have a so cute keyboard. The dim aluminum frame is very eye-catching when placed next to the plastic frame of the competition, and the laser carved keys will exist very long.

In summary, Vengeance K60 is a powerful and delicate keyboard and it’s foolish if you do not put it near the top wanted list for your gaming system.


Vengeance K60



Specifications: Interface: USB; Cherry MX mechanical switches; WASD and 1-6 keys with rough texture; against the ghost (anti-ghosting) 100%, ability to press 20 keys simultaneously; space for your wrists and secure to work; repulsion of switch is 45g; 2mm moving distance to stimulate, 4mm to reach the deep; 1ms response time.

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