CPU System Workshop (Part 1)

4/10/2012 11:20:13 AM

Description: Description: CPU System Workshop (Part 1)

Release Green Gaming Goblin

Our job is difficult. Every day, we are tortured by the task playing with the latest and greatest on earth. We are paid to find the best and fastest spare parts and report them for you.

Yes, we know. Somewhere, the smallest violin all over the world is playing a sad melody for our “pain”. And we will understand if you don’t believe that we are mourning in anguish that the most violent power which fate gives us: assembling the best PC gaming, which will make many questions…Ah, it doesn’t give a large number of questions. This machine seems so impressive in our tests that we can beat enemies.

We considered about repainting Corsair Graphic Series 600T, because of the sponsor of RJ paint shop (, and Green Gaming Goblin was born. Please read to see how Triple G becomes outstanding from CPU System Workshop as one of the most ghostly of us.

Be created to win

As we mentioned, army green Corsair Graphite Series 600T has a special look which only a experienced computer maker can win. There are gloomy drawings everywhere, and with inscriptions in the right panel of the case, 600T seems that it was pulled directly from the Call of Duty games before. It will play the role as ammunition for some awesome firepower.

Nowadays, is there any processor which is more powerful than the new six-core hero of Intel, Core i7-3960X Extreme Edition? (No). CPU is equipped with 6 cores, 15MB of Intel Smart Cache, and the integrated memory controller helps open up the door for 4-channel memory configuration. The only thing we need to release it is X79 motherboard.

Therefore, we used the GA-X79-UD3 of Gigabyte. It is the “basic” X79 motherboard of Gigaboard, but it’s really nothing basic about it. In fact, it has the same number of PCI-E x16 slot, the same memory support, and the support for SLI/CrossFile 4 is similar as the older brother, GA-X79-UD7. With the new BIOS (F8), it is ready to set a record.

With the green case, the green designing seems quite reasonable. Obviously, we are referring to Nvidia. Nothing except for the graphics will make us happy, and with Kepler which is still not released, we will keep an eye on two GeForce GTX VGO cards of Sparkle Computer. Those cards based on Fermi suddenly attacked our game like two spider monkeys.

We chose Kingstone to take care of memory system and boot driver. HyperX is the only way to follow for Triple G, and even so, we ran as fast as possible. HyperX Genesis 8GB memory kit (KHX2400C11D3K4/8GX) runs so quick – DDR3-2400 – that our jaws drop. Similarly, HyperX 240GD SSD is one of the fastest SSD which you can put into the PC and loading time to Windows and high-speed games are all evidences we need.

In terms of storage, Western Digital met the needs of our archive with 3TB AV-GP. We can’t play games the whole day, so this drive is the place we will store our music, videos and everything else.

Triple G is not complete, so we rely on two veterans, Enermax and Zalman, to handle power and CPU cooling demands. Platimax 1000W of Enermax, with the ability to pump 1 kilowatt continuous electric current at 50°C and never fail below 89% efficiency, reach so closely that it becomes a perfect source. CNPS11X Performa of Zalma proves that you don’t need a jet turbine to cool your high-level processors.

Finally, as it is not a normal game system, of course, we need the unusual kits. Well-informed users try to bring the best components into PC but they need ones in addition to PC to become real power. K60 keyboard and M60 board take care of our entering information demand while Vengeance 1500 provides Dolby 7.1 sound to explode the ears.

Like a karate boy

After the Green Goblin Gaming had roared to say hello and kill all tests we offer, we determined that this monster was not the great PC for gaming. It can handle the heaviest tasks and hardly shed a drop of sweat. Compared with our previous products, Triple G is the best, and we can’t do anything to defeat it.

In following pages, we discuss a lot of options in details. Please read the last part where we unveil the result of the latest equipment test.


Dan “dmcgrath” McGrath admitted that “AzTtec” was not the original name of the winner for Mad Reader Mod contest this month.

Description: Description: AzTtEC Mod

“There is some influence of the Maya, Aztec and the Olmec in it”, he said. “A bit of sculpture that I created, but mostly it rose from some photos somewhere, either online or from my local library.”

McGrath continued explaining that at first he had called it “Level 10 GT Mayan”, but he decided it hadn’t sounded smooth.

McGrath estimated he spent over 250 hours on the case, from designing to completing, within 60 days, as a part of the computer making competition (mod) of Thermaltake and Modders-Inc, and it was not Thermaltake keyboard and mouse that he changed after the designed had been selected and the case had been complete.

Most of McGrath’s thorough work on this case came as Balsa Foam, which he carved architecture like the ancient temple hidden deeply in the forest somewhere. However, stones were just the beginning: as you could see, the created case was decorated with symbol and number models like a huge calendar of the Maya in the right panel and images of ancient cities everywhere; sometimes they were highlighted by Thermaltake logos used cleverly. MrGrath finished the appearance by spraying a layer of anti-termite chemical – 3M.

McGrath also added a few of mosses and vines growing on the well-aired surface by hot glue and some paint, along with leaves crafted by Super Sculpey.

One of things McGrath is proud of the most is that the Level 10 GT still remains external functions despite the massive overhaul.

“The case has two external safe lock, and I kept them”, McGrath said. “There is also an upper handle which I still retained. One of the growing features is the hard drive cavities can be EasySwap. Releasing mechanism is located at the front panel, and I kept their operation as the original, but it is a bit more reserved as well. I even carved a bit for the base to rotate and be more stable.”

Of course, AzTtec is unique in appearance, but it is also distinctive because it is the first created case shown in “Mad Reader Mod” contest without any inner PC components. McGrath didn’t want to add more components in the long time after completing changes, and finally, Themaltake needed him to bring the case for them to display in CES in January. Thermaltake has had the case since then, and we don’t blame them for not giving it back.

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