Lenovo ThinkPad X220

8/2/2012 3:37:21 PM

Ratings: 4/5

Price: $1,737


Description: Lenovo ThinkPad X220

Lenovo ThinkPad X220

ThinkPad series is the leader for business laptop of Lenovo, and X220 is one of the most mobile laptops. Despite weighing 1.3 kg, it has powerful processors and plenty of connections. 

X220 is powered by Intel Core i5-2520M (2.5 GHz) processor, so it has many powers. With 4GB RAM, it encounters no problem with our multi-media test with overall score of 60. This power will not take you battery life, as it reached incredible 9.5 hours in our light-use test.

Its display’s resolution of 1366x768 is fitly suitable for 12.5-inch screen. Images and texts look sharp, although the colors are not very lively at any settings apart for full brightness. It has the tilt of 180 degree and the anti-light-reflection surface although the viewing angle is not really wide.

Focusing on businessmen, X220 has many connections. Besides 3 USB ports, there are USB 3, multi-format card reader, ExpressCard/34 slot, Ethernet port and 1 headset jack and a VGA output and DisplayPort to connect with external displays. The fingerprint reader equipment will attract ones who worry about security and there is 1 docking port in the back frame to use on a desk.

Description: Lenovo ThinkPad X220

Some recent Lenovo’s business has extraordinary keyboard layout and X220 is not an exception. The letter and punctuation are all located in where you expect, but 6 keys usually found above the cursor key now are above the function keys, with Escape key. This does not affect much when typing, but the correction takes more time until we adjust the layout.  

We are not impressed by the tiny touchpad, especially when adding a little force would turn it into a click. It is rapid enough to navigate screen smoothly, but lacks of specialized button to drag and drop files. Like most ThinkPads, X220 has a touch-stick with its own buttons. The distance among the touchstick and buttons makes it impossible to handle it with 1 hand, but many like the additional precision it provides.  

If you are looking for a mobile business laptop that can handle most tasks without using up battery while moving, X220 is an excellent choice. If you do not need the ExpressCard or docking port, and you can suffer from a little bit shorter battery life, you can choose the Series 5 Ultrabook of Samsung, which is $470 cheaper.


Verdict: A powerful laptop with incredible long battery life, but Ultrabook is much cheaper. 

Business Laptop: Intel Core i5-2520M, 4GB RAM, 320GB disk, Intel HD 3000 graphics,  LCD wide-angle 12½ inch laptop, Windows Professional 64bit, 35x305x207mm, 1.3kg, 3-year onsite warranty.

Energy consuming: 0W for stand-by, 15W for idling, 54W for performing

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