The 30 Most Important Technology Trends (Part 1)

11/30/2012 10:41:34 AM

Information Technology, frantic change in the only constant. We take a look at what’s new, what prevails – and what will be completely forgotten

The PC Era is ending: 3 times as many portable devices to be sold

Here are some figures from 2011 that can be said to be a precursor to the most important trend of the next year 2011 saw more smartphones sold across the globe as compared to computers (notebooks & PCs counted together). And with almost all the latest cell phones in the world quickly turning "smart", prominent market researchers state that sales would be so good that the number of smartphones would reach anywhere near three times that of classic PCs by 2016. The future of the tablet seems bright, too - in the next four years, tablets are expected to achieve sales figures equal to that of computers. These figures support the fact that the post-PC era has already started. And yet, Microsoft attempts to get a foothold in the smartphone market by radically changing a successful and widespread operating system through Windows 8. This is, of course, not without good reason. Meanwhile, Google and Apple have a good laugh almost a million new Android devices are bought every day. Apple's sales figures remain legendary and still continue to grow. Smartphones have turned into mini computing devices using which one can also make calls. They are becoming increasingly powerful and through connections to fast networks can run complex Internet applications without problems.

Our Prognosis: With billions of people having round the clock Internet access via smartphones, the commercial and cultural potential (and risks) can only be divined.

Description: Worldwide sales in millions

Worldwide sales in millions

New Touch Devices and Hybrid Notebooks

The upcoming Windows version's tiled Metro interface can most easily be operated using your fingers. It's no wonder that hybrid notebooks are particularly in demand with the imminent Windows 8. ASUS has stepped into this new segment with the Taichi (image below), which snaps shut and can also be used as a tablet, thanks to an additional touch screen on the outside of the casing.

Our Prognosis: Touch functions would only be possible in high-end notebooks, while low-cost notebooks would give you a trackpad to navigate between functions.

Description: Asus Taichi

Asus Taichi

Quad-Core CPUs in inexpensive Smartphones

The tablets and smartphone arms race continues. An increasing number of quad- core CPUs are being built and soon will be featured not just in high-end devices, but even in entry-level devices too. NVIDIA's Kai platform will enable tablets with Tegra-3 chipsets to be sold for under $230. ASUS, Acer and Google will soon start manufacturing Android tablets in this price class.

Our Prognosis: In 2013, four cores will be standard. But they are hardly practical if the software can’t take advantage here.

Description: Quad-Core CPUs in inexpensive Smartphones

Quad-Core CPUs in inexpensive Smartphones

The Rise Of ’Phablets'

Smartphone displays are becoming larger by the day. The forerunner of this trend is the surprisingly successful Samsung GALAXY Note, which has already sold over seven million units despite (or due to) its huge 5.3-inch screen. The market researchers from ABI Research estimate that the 'phablets' category (amalgamation of "phone" and "tablet") would form an essential part of the smartphone boom.

Our Prognosis: Over 200 million 'phablets' will be sold by 2015.

Description: Samsung GALAXY Note

Samsung GALAXY Note

Affordable Premium Ultrabooks

Ultrabooks are trendy, but they were too expensive until recently. However, AMD, with its new CPUs, is all set to relieve the pricing pressure in this segment. Furthermore, Intel has discovered how to build laptops using plastic that's just as stable and durable as aluminum.

Description: Affordable Premium Ultrabooks

Affordable Premium Ultrabooks

Faster SSDs via PCIe

Solid State Drives are growing faster at such a rate that they will soon become too fast for even the SATA-Ill port (up to 600MB/s). The solution to this is PCIe. SSDs can easily access higher bandwidths in the form of PCIe cards - like with Intel's expensive SSD 910 (image above), which achieves a blinding 2,000MB/s in benchmarks as a PCIe-x8 card. This is four times the current SATA-Ill SSD speeds.

Our Prognosis: If the prices fall, PCIe-SSDs would own the future by 2015.

Description: Intel's expensive SSD 910

Intel's expensive SSD 910

60TB on 3.5-inch Drives

In the next four years, a new technology called HAMR ("Heat Assisted Magnetic Recording") will enable magnet drives to have data densities of up to 1TBit per quarter square inch, which is considerably high. With this technology, the drive would be heated by a laser for writing data to handle a weak magnetic field and accommodate much more data.

Our Prognosis: By 2016, desktop HDDs will already have 30-60TB of capacity. Notebook drives (2.5-inch) would provide 10 to 20 TB.

Description: 60TB on 3.5-inch Drives

60TB on 3.5-inch Drives

Windows PC Embraces Apps

How does one incite millions upon millions of users to spend the most possible amount of money for software, music, movies and other digital content? By presenting offers in an attractive online catalog at the right time, providing them for free or at an astoundingly nominal starting price of a few cents, having a flexible payment process, and allowing downloads with just a click. What Apple has achieved with iTunes and the App Store, and what still works like a charm for Google Play should also apply to Microsoft computers and smartphones on much grander scales. The Redmond-based software giant's new Internet sales portal should start in the fall of this year, alongside Windows 8. The Windows Store is completely integrated into the operating system and provides two different software: classic Windows programs ("legacy Windows apps") as well as the so-called Metro apps, which focus on the new tile design of Windows 8 and touch functions.

The Windows Store would be the only (legal) source for Metro apps. Microsoft has still kept additional (partly essential) details under the wraps. This is because a lot is at stake here; if Microsoft fails, other service providers, like Amazon and Facebook, would be delighted. And thanks to e-commerce know-how and their huge user bases, they can achieve success with their very own App stores.

Our Prognosis: Even if Windows 8 and the Windows Store are a total flop, the App trend, along with sales and distribution via online stores will spread across the Windows world.

5nm Procesors Arrives

Chip transistors are shrinking. Intel is researching structure widths of just 7 and 5nm. As of now, there more interim stages (currently chips are at 22nm): 2013 onwards, CPUs would be manufactured in 14nm and in 10nm by 2015. But the production will get more expensive. By 2015, a new chip factory would cost USD15 billion, which the biggest manufacturers like Intel, Samsung and TSMC could still be able to afford.

Our Prognosis: Chips would become faster and more efficient - but the number of production companies is still too few.

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