Western Digital My Net N900 Central – Good NAS For Home Users

12/5/2012 2:52:35 PM

The My Net N900 Central is a combination dual-band wireless-n router/network-attached storage (NAS) unit. It comes with a fixed internal 1TB hard drive, four gigabit Ethernet Ports and a USB 2.0 port for storage or a printer. It’s at the top end Western Digital’s My Net range of home routers, the company’s first major foray into the network space.

Software setup is simple using browser or CD – we used the CD, which stepped us through the process in a couple of minutes.

Description: Western Digital My Net N900 Central

The browser-based interface has all the options you’d expect, such as guest networks (on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz), port forwarding, firewall, and so on. The UI is a little simpler and more polished than many routers we’ve tested, and has a useful notifications system that tells you when something needs your attention.

IPv6 is supported – given the slow uptake of the standard by consumers and vendors alike, it’s a point in the My Net N900 Central’s favor.

Network speeds were reasonable over 5GHz wireless-n at a range of one metre, we achieved an average of 171Mbit/s, peak 227Mbit/s, dropping to 150Mbit/s average, 219Mbit/s peak at five metres.

NAS speeds were more subdued – 1 GB files over gigabit Ethernet averaged 15.6MByte/s read and 15.9Mbyte/s write. Over 5GHz Wi-Fi at rage of five metres, that dropped to 9.5Mbyte/s read and 9.8Mbyte/s write. Collections of 1000x1MB files yielded slower results; 9.0Mbyte/s read and 6.3MByte/s write over Ethernet, 5.6 MByte/s read and 4.4MByte/s write over 5GHz Wi-Fi.

In all cases, this was significantly slower than our 2011 Editor’s Choice NAS, the Synology DS211j, which was five times faster for 1GB files and nearly ten times faster for 1MB files.

Description: Western Digital My Net N900 Central

The WD 2 go service offers remote access, with the WD2go.com website via login and password acting as middle-man between your router and the internet. Browsing and downloading files requires Java, and access was to slow to watch streaming 720p video, but that’s likely caused by our narrow upload bandwidth rather than a fault with the service. Mobile apps provide access to shared files (WD2Go) and stored photos (WDphoto) DLNA can be used to access music or video. Western Digital’s My Net N900 Central has friendly QoS and remote access features, and provides the convenience of NAS without complicated setup. It can’t offer the same performance or advanced sharing. Still, it’s a good option for backing up multiple PCs, and sharing files between devices on a network, requiring little technical expertise.

At a glance

·         Dual-band wireless n router (2.4 & 5GHz)

·         Four gigabit Ethernet ports

·         Internal 1 TB hard drive

·         Remote access and mobile apps


Western Digital My Net N900 Central

·         Price: $550 (1TB), $650 (2TB)

·         Contact: www.wdc.com

·         Not a revolutionary or top-performing device, but a functional, simplified combination of router and NAS for home users.


Value: 8/10


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