New Products For March 2013 (Part 2)

3/30/2013 4:24:00 PM

Fujitsu Lifebook U772 - This is the life

Price: $1,390

Website: www.fujitsu.com

Fujitsu Lifebook U772

Fujitsu Lifebook U772

Okay, so ultrabooks have effectively taken over the world and embedded themselves deep within our souls. Every major laptop manufacturer and their pet gerbils have launched ultrabooks, and though super-premium Fujitsu are a bit late to the party, they got here nonetheless. Their new U772 supports 3rd generation Intel Core processors, is just 15.6mm thick and has a 14in anti-glare display. After all, life these days is all about ultrabooks.

Nikon D600 - Picturewala

Price: $2,510 (body only)

Website: www.nikon.com

Nikon D600

Nikon D600

You’re going to need to invest in a high-end camera to justify people paying you money for taking nice pictures of them looking good enough to endorse products or getting married or whatever. The D600 is the lightest and smallest FX-format DSLR camera by Nikon. It’s got a 24.3MP sensor, Full HD video recording and weighs just 760gm. Cool.

HP Envy X2 - Tabla book

Website: www.hp.com

HP Envy X2

HP Envy X2

In the recent past, we’ve been subjected to horrible terminology such as ‘phablet’. Our contribution to the world of nonsense is Tabla Book, i.e. a tablet that becomes an ultrabook, like the new HP Envy x2, which is a hybrid device that can be an ultrabook when you want it to and a tablet when that becomes convenient. It has a 14in multi-touch display and a detachable screen and keyboard, so you can use it how you want. Say it - Tabla Book. And now go tell all your friends.

1920 pocket watch – Good day, gentlemen

Price: $600

Website: www.tissot.com

1920 pocket watch

1920 pocket watch

Ever wondered why the gentle­folk of yore said ‘Good day’ to each other in greeting? It was probably ‘coz nobody knew what time of the day it was! Understandable - this elegant pocket watch from Tissot wasn’t available then and nothing else would do, we’re sure. But guess what! It is available now, so, Good <insert time of day> to all you folks!

iPod Touch - Ooh, is that an iPhone 5?

Website: www.apple.com

iPod Touch

iPod Touch

Want the thrills of owning an iPhone 5 - that 16:9 Retina display, iOS 6, those shiny new Ear Pods - minus the contract? Fancy playing games as they’re released, not when they’re ported to other devices six months later? Like the look of all those Apple-only speaker docks? The Touch is for you. With Siri, front and rear cams and 32/64GB of space, all squeezed into a 6.1mm shell, its only weakness is that you might forget it’s there. Too pricey for sir? Try the new iPod Nano

Fujifilm XE-1 - Mount Fujifilm

Price: $1,280 (approx, body only)

Website: www.fujifilmcameras.com

Fujifilm XE-1

Fujifilm XE-1

Since the world has unanimously decided that DSLRs are too big for anyone who doesn’t receive money for taking pictures, the concept of inter­changeable lens system cameras has taken off. Fujifilm started out with the X-Pro 1, but have now launched the new XE-1, with a 16MP APS-C CMOS sensor and OLED electronic viewfinder. We think that the people who receive money for taking pictures also want to secretly use one of these, but they won’t admit it.

Harman/Kardon CL - DLontheCL

Price: $180

Website: www.harmankardon.com

Harman/Kardon CL

Harman/Kardon CL

While you’re right to assume that most headphones are now made by rappers, you’d be wrong to leap to the assumption that the Harman/Kardon CLs are the brainchild of Korean female rapper CL, real name Lee Chae-rin. Just as you’d be wrong to assume that their slightly more expensive (?13,990) wireless counterparts are named after the American dance music producer BT. They’re just some nicely designed iOS-ready headphones with memory foam cushions, metal-and-leather construction, ported drivers and a detachable, woven cable. So there.

Urban Ears Plattan - Swedish urban mafia

Price: $140

Website: www.urbanears.com

Urban Ears Plattan

Urban Ears Plattan

This Swedish headphone brand chooses to dress up its audiophile headphones in first-hand fabrics, denim being the most popular. Strip off the fabric and you have 40mm handmade drivers and the unique Zound plug, which essentially allows you to Daisy Chain multiple Plattans or other Urban Ears with the same feature and share the music, legally! Its in-line remote works with HTC, BlackBerry and, of course, iDevices. The sprightly delivery and strong bass make the Plattan a compelling buy for its sonic prowess, if not its fashion sense.

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