Booting on HP 9000 Servers (part 3) - PDC Commands, Initial System Loader

9/26/2012 7:24:41 PM

PDC Commands

Table 3 is a list of PDC commands available. These commands vary somewhat on different systems and are updated on a regular basis, so check IT Resource Center ( for updates.

Table 3. PDC Commands
ALLDisplays the collection of all information provided by other display commands typically resident in the INFORMATION menu.
AUTODisplays or sets status of AUTOBOOT, AUTOSEARCH, or AUTOSTART flags.
BOOTInitiates boot sequence.
BOOTIDDisplays or modifies boot id for the processors present.
BOOTINFODisplays PDC-level information about the configured parameters used for system boot.
BOOTTIMERSets a delay value in the system to wait for external mass storage devices to come online.
CACHEDisplays information about the cache memory portion of all installed processors.
CHASSISCODESDisplays a queue of the most recent chassis codes.
CHIPREVISIONSDisplays the revisions of major Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) in the system.
CLEARPIMClears (zero) the contents of the Processor Internal Memory (PIM).
CONFIGURATIONUsed to enter the Configuration sub-menu.
COPROCESSORDisplays information about all installed coprocessors.
CPUCONFIGAllows the user to configure or deconfigure processors in the system.
DEFAULTSets the system to predefined defaults.
DISPLAYRedisplays the current menu.
FANDisplays or sets the speed of system internal fans.
FASTBOOTDisplays or sets the fastboot flag.
FWRVERSIONDisplays the revision of currently installed firmware.
HELPReturns help information for the specified command, menu, or the system itself.
INFORMATIONAccesses the Information menu.
IODisplays I/O interface on all I/O modules in the system.
LANADDRESSAllows the user to display station address.
LANCONFIGConfigures the LAN card.
MAINUser interface for PDC.
MEMORYDisplays memory information for total amount of physical memory as well as configured memory in a system.
MEMREADReads memory locations.
MONITORAllows the user to view and change the monitor type for graphic cards.
PATHSets and/or displays the system paths from Stable Storage.
PDTDisplays or clears the Page Deallocation Table (PDT).
PIMDisplays Processor Internal Memory (PIM) Information.
PROCESSORDisplays information about the processor(s) in the system.
RESETResets the machine state.
SEARCHSearches for boot devices in the system.
SECUREDisplays or sets the secure mode flag.
SERVICEAllows the user to go to the Service menu.
TIMEReads or sets the real time clock in GMT.
WARNINGSDisplay any warning messages that may have resulted from the previous PDC self-test execution.

Initial System Loader

The Initial System Loader (ISL) is run after the PDC. You would normally just run an “autoboot” sequence from ISL; however, you could run a number of commands from the ISL prompt.

Picking up where we left off in the previous example, I chose to BOot off device p0 and interact with IPL, as shown in the following example:

Main Menu: Enter command or menu > bo p0

 BCH Directed Boot Path: 0/0/0/3/0.6

 Do you wish to stop at the ISL prompt prior to booting? (y/n) >> y

Initializing boot Device.

Boot IO Dependent Code (IODC) Revision 3

Boot Path Initialized.

HARD Booted.

ISL Revision A.00.43  Apr 12, 2000


ISL> ?

    HELP          Help Facility
    LS            List ISL utilities
    AUTOBOOT      Set or clear autoboot flag in stable storage
    AUTOSEARCH    Set or clear autosearch flag in stable storage
    PRIMPATH      Modify primary boot path in stable storage
    ALTPATH       Modify alternate boot path in stable storage
    CONSPATH      Modify system console path in stable storage
    DISPLAY       Display boot and console paths in stable storage
    LSAUTOFL      List contents of autoboot file
    FASTSIZE      Sets or displays FASTSIZE
    800SUPPORT    Boots the s800 Support Kernel from the boot device
    700SUPPORT    Boot the s700 Support Kernel from the boot device
    READNVM       Displays contents of one word of NVM
    READSS        Displays contents of one word of stable storage
    LSBATCH       List contents of batch file
    BATCH         Execute commands in batch file
    LSEST         List contents of EST (Extended Self Test) file
    EST           Execute commands in EST (Extended Self Test) file
    EXIT          Return to the Boot Console Handler
Enter 'LS' to see a list of the ISL utilities.


Issuing a ? produces a list of ISL commands that I could issue. Issuing the DISPLAY command shows the boot and console paths, and LS lists the ISL utilities available, as shown in the following example:

ISL>    display

    Autoboot is ON (enabled)

    Autosearch is OFF (disabled)

    Primary boot path is 0/0/0/3/0.100663296.
    Primary boot path is (hex) 0/0/0/3/0.6000000.

    Alternate boot path is 0/0/0/0/
    Alternate boot path is (hex) 0/0/0/0/

    System console path is 0/0/0/0/0/0/0/
    System console path is (hex) 0/0/0/0/0/0/0/

ISL>  ls

    Utilities on this system are:

filename   type   start    size     created
ODE        -12960 584      880      04/05/13 13:12:43
HPUX       -12928 4616     848      02/05/10 16:25:44

DISPLAY produced the information we expected based on what we saw PDC produce in the previous section. LS produced two utilities available to us: ODE and HPUX (ODE is the Offline Diagnostics Environment.) The following example shows listing the ODE utilities available on the system by running ODE, the HELP command to see what commands are available, and LS to list the ODE utilities:

ISL> ode

******                                                               ******
******             Offline Diagnostic Environment                    ******
******                                                               ******
******  (C) Copyright Hewlett-Packard Co 1993-2004                   ******
******                    All Rights Reserved                        ******
******                                                               ******
******  HP shall not be liable for any damages resulting from the    ******
******  use of this program.                                         ******
******                                                               ******
******                TC  Version A.02.26                            ******
******                SysLib Version A.00.78                         ******
******                Loader Version A.00.62                         ******
******                Mapfile Version A.01.59                        ******
******                                                               ******

Type HELP for command information.
ODE> help

ODE Help

    Basic Commands
    HELP -- Prints detailed information to the screen, when "help <command>"
            or "help <var>" is typed
    LS -- List modules available on boot medium
    <Module_Name> -- Load and initialize a module by typing its name
                     (For more help, type "help module_name")
    MENU -- Launch ODE's ease-of-use interface
    RUN -- Run a module (after setting desired environment variables)
    Control-Y|Control-C -- Abort an ODE command; pause a module run
    RESUME -- Restart a paused module
    DISPLOG -- After running a module, display contents of a log
    EXIT -- Return to next higher level prompt

    Environmental Variables
    SHOWSTATE -- Display the value of the following environment variables:
        LOOP -- Run a test this many times
        ERRPRINT [ON|OFF] -- Print low-level error messages to console
                             (primarily for manufacturing use)
        ERRNUM [ON|OFF] -- Print one-line, numbered errors to the console

Continue ([y]/n)? y

        ERRPAUSE [ON|OFF] -- Pause module upon error detection
        ERRONLY [ON|OFF] -- Print ONLY error messages; disable non-error
                            and isolation message printing
        INFOPRINT [ON|OFF] -- Print informational messages to the console
        ISOPRINT [ON|OFF] -- Print fault isolation messages to the console
        ISOPAUSE [ON|OFF] -- Pause module when isolation message is generated
    LOGSIZE -- Set the size of a message log
    DEFAULT -- Reset environment variables to default state

ODE> ls

          Modules on this boot media are:

filename    type    size     created   description
MAPPER2     TM      146      04/05/13  64 bit version of the system mapping ut
IOTEST2     TM      880      04/05/13  64 bit version that runs ROM-based self
PERFVER2    TM      126      04/05/13  64 bit version that runs ROM-based self


When I ran ODE and issued LS, the three utilities at the end of the example were listed. I always load ODE as a part of system installations to help in the event of a possible system hardware problem that an HP Customer Engineer may need to come onsite to diagnose.

Next, I'll proceed with the boot process by running the HPUX utility.

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