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Canon ImageFORMULA DR-M140 - A Compact And Versatile Solution

1/27/2013 9:26:57 AM

Canon has released three scanners under the name of imageFormula, which is designed to have speed and compact. We have considered the low cost C125 and advanced M160 models. This is the third model, the intermediate DR-M140.

Do not like its brother which is upright, DR-M140 is designed to lay flat and easy to slide to the tank of working desk when not needed. If your desk space is limited, even with the front tray open, the Canon is only 288mm deep and 93mm high.

Canon ImageFORMULA DR-M140


Weight 2.6 kg, it can also be used as a portable scanner. Although the folding extension looks fragile, the entire unit seems strong.

DR-M140 has two methods for paper supply: you can use U-turn method for standard paper, or line for the thicker storage form.

The control panel is simple with Double Feed Release button to continue scanning after a short time interruption with the stop button, start and the job assignment button.

The paper tray may contain 50 A4 sheets, although it seems to be more comfortable with 30 to 35 sheets, with smooth action and no jams.

Canon ImageFORMULA DR-M140

The paper tray may contain 50 A4 sheets

Canon said their colored scan speed is 40ppm/80 images per minute (ipm) with 300dpi, close to the results of our real world. We measured the speed of 36ppm at 300dpi, and 52ppm at 200dpi.

We checked the detection ability of DR-M140 with mixed document sizes and found it did not have much mistakes.

Photo scan is vivid with slighter colors and beautiful details, while two-side documents maintain the clarity of the original.

Photo scan is vivid with slighter colors and beautiful details.

Photo scan is vivid with slighter colors and beautiful details.

Most activities will be controlled by PC via the accompanied software. Along with ISIS and Twain drivers, CaptureOn Touch software package of Canon will prove useful, with the maximum support of 9 styles of establishment.

Additionally, CapturePerfect 3.1 is also available process advanced photos, KOFAX VRS and eCopy PDF Pro Office.

The price of DR-M140 us in between the DR-C125 and DR-M160, making this Canon be a reasonable option if you need a scanner at this price.


·         Price: $612

·         Supplier:

·         Desktop scanners

·         600dpi maximum resolution

·         24-bit color

·         2 side scan

·         50-sheet paper tray

·         3m long document mode

·         USB 2.0

·         Ability to scan 6000 pages every day

·         Follow Twain/ISIS

·         313x288x93mm (open); 313x181x93mm (close)

·         2.6kg



·         With portability, small size, high speed and smooth working, Canon DR-M140 deserves the attention.

·         Designs: 3.5/5

·         Features: 4/5

·         Performance: 4/5

·         Value: 3.5/5

·         Total: 3.5/5


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