Asus Vivobook S200E - Stunning Looks And Great Features

1/14/2013 5:29:00 PM

Stunning looks and great features for a compelling price

Other than Redmond’s Surface, no device showcases Windows 8 better than the Asus VivoBook S200E. it’s a fantastic little 11.6-inch touchscreen laptop that offers pretty much everything you could want.

The Intel Core i3-3217U CPU provides more than enough grunt to power Windows 8 through any day-to-day tasks while keeping power use to an absolute minimum.

Asus Vivobook S200E

Asus Vivobook S200E

You don’t get any fancy graphics – this is a laptop for tasks other than gaming but again, the integrated Intel HD Graphics 4000 is good enough to keep everything running creamy smooth without sucking too much juice.

The Li-Polymer 38 WH batter itself consists of two cells and is good for two weeks on standby and a maximum of five hours constantly use. In our test it lasted fractionally over three hours when looping video, which is about average for a device of this size. A bigger battery would only add to the weight. As it is, it weighs in at a distinctly normal 1.3kg, which we think is about right. We’re talking about premium materials here to. The S200 is graced by a lovely brushed metal finish with an aluminium base – you can thank Apple for pushing standards this high.

The screen is standard TN TFT fare, but it’s decent enough. Viewing angles are what always suffer from this technology, but this screen does pretty well, all told.

On the touch input side of things, it can handle 10 points at once, which puts it up there with the best. Touch inputs are registered without delay – there’s no lag when exploring Windows 8 or swiping between menus. It’s a joy to use.

There’s no SSD on this model, mind. That’s reserved for the much more expensive Core i7 version, which also has a full HD IPS display and costs three times as much. Gulp.

Sound is provided by the Asus SonicMaster brand, which is really just a fancy way of saying it’s got a sound card and some speakers. The speakers really aren’t that bad, mind. Many laptops like this can sound quite nasty, but the S200 does a pretty good job of putting out sound that at least sounds nicely rounded instead of shrill and piercing. Who needs Beats tech, eh?

All the ports

All your standard inputs and outputs are ready and waiting for you here, with a full HDMI socket included, as well as two USB 2.0 ports, one USB 3.0 port, VGA-out, SD card reader and Ethernet. The only thing you might find missing is an optical disk drive, but if you want one of those you’re going to need to choose a different class of device.

Asus Vivobook S200E

To finish the space, you’ve also got Wireless N for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, a 5MP front-facing camera for video chats, and 4GB RAM, which is practically enough to run Win8 twice.

The keyboard is also faultless. We’re writing this review on it now, and we simply can’t find anything wrong with it at all, which is often not the case with laptops of this size and price. And we’ve been careful not to use the word ‘cheap’ there, because the only thing cheap about this is the price. Even the trackpad is nice and responsive, and responds well to Windows 8 touch gestures.

Vital Statistics

·         Price: $675

·         Manufacturer: Asus

·         Web:

·         CPU: Intel Core i3 3217U

·         RAM: 4GB DRR3 1,333MHz

·         Graphics: Integrated Intel HD

·         Storage: 500GB

·         Screen size: 11.6in (1,366 x 768)

·         Weight: 1.6kg


·         Features: 8/10

·         Performance: 8/10

·         Value: 10/10


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