A first look at the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge

3/6/2015 3:22:22 AM
After production of five generations of the smartphones at end raised in the plastic shells, Samsung finally eliminated cheap finishings which attracted much criticism.

Independently of the shaped design and the metal edges and curves on the new flagship telephones, the first thing which the strikes is to you the panel out of back glass which indicates a low color on the device.

The two versions of the Galaxy S6 will be available in four colors: the Galaxxy S6  in white, black, gold and blue; and the S6 edge in white, black, gold and green.

Under the panel out of glass 4 of gorilla, the colors jump more, particularly in reflected light inside. While the gold version will be always popular, being an enormous fan of the deep-blue version, I am disappointed that it will not be offered on the S6 edge.

Two issues that may bother Galaxy S users: The glass panel is fixed, so there is no way to remove and replace the battery. Samsung left out a microSD card slot for expandable memory, so users are locked in to 32GB, 64GB or 128GB of internal storage.

But with each S6 comes 100GB of cloud storage in Microsoft's OneDrive service. 

Built like those of Sony's Xperia Z series devices, the rear panel is cool to the touch. The buttons on the side feel solid and the overall presentation has a premium look.

One notable change is on the inside. In creating its own 64-bit architecture, which the latest Android Lollipop operating system is capable of supporting, Samsung has decided to rely on its own Exynos octacore processors, instead of using the latest 64-bit Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 chipset. 

During the hands-on session, the company was quick to highlight the absence of several Samsung pre-installed apps on the Galaxy S6, as well as new and streamlined menu keys, to speed up usability and user experience.

Samsung has also updated the 16MP camera here and while the quality of photos look good at first glance, what matters is the speed at which the camera can be activated.

A double tap of the home button brings up the camera, no matter what is showing on the screen. You can be in the middle of playing a game, reading your e-mail or checking Facebook, and the double tap will instantly bring up the camera. While this can be compared to a dedicated camera button, the speed with which the camera app can be activated - less than a second - is impressive. 

In terms of design, the mirrored curve on both sides of the S6 Edge gives a symmetry that was missing from last year's Galaxy Note Edge. Both devices handle well, but the addition of the curves allows smoother execution of inward swiping gestures.

The information tray, which lets you call up the time and show any missed messages or calls, is still around, but the curved screen no longer has a dedicated menu as on the Note Edge.

You cannot park an app on the edge display for easy access; you have to return to the main screen.

One interesting use of the curved display concerns incoming calls. Users can assign five callers to a corresponding colour and access these contacts simply by swiping inwards from the edge of the phone.

Placing the phone face down will keep the screen from lighting up during a meeting or while you are dining. But the screen will light up when there is an incoming call, and the light will peek out from the edge screen. Now, if one of the five callers dials in, the edge screen will flash the corresponding colour to alert you, so you can tell who is calling, without even glancing at the screen.

To reject a call,  put your finger on the heart rate monitor  to send a pre-set "Busy" SMS message to the caller.

The  S6 devices come with built-in wireless charging, but having to buy charging pads makes this a rather expensive feature to adopt.

The  new wired quick-charge feature can provide four hours of use with a 10-minute charge, according to Samsung, and if that is the case, the convenience of wireless charging has been negated by the sheer efficiency of charging via a cable.

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