How You Can Get Fit Using Your Phone

10/9/2012 3:45:29 AM

With the Olympics over, Ian McGurren shows you how you can get fit using your phone

We've all had that moment where even the most active of us have seen the amazing Olympic athletes in action and questioned our own fitness. Some of us have even vowed to do something about it too! Thankfully there are all sorts of clever apps and gadgets to make the often grueling task of getting fit somewhat more interesting.

Description: Fit kit
Fit kit

Nike+ Fuelband

Yes, it's a daft name, but the Fuelband is at least an interesting piece of kit. It's built on the established Nike+ technology that's been a fixture of the iOS fitness scene, a combination of a hardware pedometer-like sensor and computer-based tracking of runs and challenges. The Fuelband differs because its accelerometer based, sits on the user's wrist and has a display to let you know how much 'Nike Fuel' you have accumulated that day. This can be accumulated in any way, so it's not just restricted to running; any activity can do it.

Like the Nike+, there's also a heavy interaction with mobile devices, allowing goals to be set, changed, tweeted, Facebooked and more, so it's a great way of showing off, or just getting some encouragement. It's not cheap at $205, but it's certainly a different approach that may well suit some better than straight up running -just be aware it's only on iOS.

Garmin Fit

From GPS and fitness favorites Garmin come the Garmin Fit app for iOS and Android. Using GPS the app tracks your running / cycling / power walking, providing useful information such as your route distance and speed, plus encouraging stats like the amount of calories that have been burned away from your belly. If you happen to have an ANT+ enabled phone (such as the Sony Xperia Active or using the Garmin iPhone adapter), you can use Garmin sensors for additional stats, including accurate speed and cadence sensors, essential for any sort of enthusiast's cycling.

Like Nike+ there's also a community aspect if you will so wish to indulge, here called LiveTrack. Offering the same sort of social element with Twitter and Facebook, as well as automatic uploads of data to the LiveTrack site to track your fitness programmer’s progress. However, this does come with an additional cost, but it's optional not mandatory. The app itself is priced at a keen 69p.


It's good to know that Windows Phone can now boast apps that are more than a match for their iOS and Android counterparts. A great example of this is the very fancy ProAktivo Sports Tracker, an exercise tracking app bursting with features including a comprehensive set of data export types for those of you wanting to study your workouts in greater detail or upload it to the myriad of social fitness sites. In fact, the app itself provides a wealth of analysis, breaking your workouts down into charts of many types. You'll find ProAktivo in the Windows Phone Marketplace for $4.55.

Description: Fit kit

There's no doubt that some find exercise somewhat boring, and of course most of us will look for the first excuse to give up when the going gets tough. But seeing the gains being made in real time, plus the socially competitive elements can all add up to keeping the experience fresh and exciting. Don't forget though that it's always worth speaking to a health professional before undertaking a significant change in your exercise regime.

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