Advice Centre by Photography Experts (Part 1) - Nikon D300

6/12/2012 4:30:10 PM

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Description: sunset overthe Ubein Bridge in Myanmar

Sunset over the Ubein Bridge in Myanmar

Camera: Nikon D300

Lens: Nikon 18-105mm f/3.5-5.6

Exposure: 1/2500sec at f/8 (ISO 500)

Yvette says: "I took this shot of sunset overthe Ubein Bridge in Myanmar whilst working as a tour guide. It's a truly magical place to watch the light fade."

Ross Hoddinott: What a fantastic scene. I love the graphic nature of silhouetted subjects, so this is right up my street. I understand why Yvette was drawn to this composition; the vertical format allowed her to capture both the bridge and those wonderful reflections. As nice as this image is, though, I can't help but feel that there's an even better shot within. My eye is drawn to the three people pushing their bikes across the bridge. Yvette has almost captured them perfectly framed between the posts of the bridge. Using a longer focal length, I would have been tempted to make them the main feature of the shot. By switching to a horizontal format and including the sun in the top left of the shot, I think Yvette would have produced an even more striking travel image. It is worth experimenting with different compositions and focal lengths - you will often find you can capture three or four very different shots within moments of each other.

Verdict: A great scene and well-captured silhouette. A longer focal length may have revealed an even stronger composition.

Description: Nikon D300

Camera: Nikon D300

Lee Frost: This is a classic scene that any photographer visiting Burma has to get -locals captured in silhouette on the Ubein Bridge at sunset. The bridge structure and the people form simple shapes against the setting sun and clear sky, and it just works. Yvette has timed her shot well so most of the people are captured between the posts on the bridge: that was crucial for the three pushing their bicycles as it would have looked odd if they were obscured. It must have taken a while to reach that moment when all the elements fell into place, but it was worth the wait. How could it be improved? Well, for me, the sun is a little too close to the bridge. Shooting moments earlier would have put it higher in the frame, though at that point the people may not have been in the right position so it was a trade-off. It's a shame that there weren't two or three extra people over on the left side of the bridge, just to add balance, but it's not the end of the world. I find the orange cast a bit overpowering was it really that intense or did Yvette boost it? Lastly, I'd probably crop the composition to tighten it up, lose the person on the right edge and also get rid of some of the bridge on the left where there are no people.

Verdict: A simple, striking shot that just needs a slight crop.

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