Must-have music apps (Part 2)

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3/28/2012 7:00:57 PM

Must-have music apps (Part 2)

ClearTune – Chromatic Tuner

Price: $3.99

System requirements:
Android 1.5/iOS 3.1 or more
Rating: 3.5 stars


ClearTune – Chromatic Tuner works with both iOS and Android equipments, and we have already tried tablet version and smartphone version. It provides a convenient method to adjust any kind of musical instrument you use.

Chromatic tuner works by using microphone on tablet or smartphone to listen to one note that you hit. Or you can adjust the instrument to notes that it play. The needle will show us how biased the instrument lock is and give the instruction how to adjust it. CleatTune can help you tune almost any instrument, any half a gam and any lock. Not intending to teach you anything or remind you of poor technique, but its developer- Bitcount said that any instrument which can be a prolonged a note can be adjusted by using ClearTune.

You have control for the sign and instrument characteristics. You can also specify the waveform and the gradual reduction of the needle. Everything is clearly labeled, and the normal guitar is easy to adjust  as well as looking pitches to play violin. There are options plus the preset (first set), to create a customized controller for your needs.


If you usually lose the electric guitar controller or it runs out of battery, quick calling the tune applications on the tablet or smartphone is a great benefit.


Jools Holland’s Music Makers Saxophone for iOS

Price: $13.99
System requirements
iOS 3.1.3 or more; storage of 382MB
Rating: 4 stars


We are very enjoyable when we found saxophone instructing application of Jools Holland. This application is among the series which are accounced by Music Makers and Hootenanny conductor. Holland happily introduced instructing videos for bass guitar, piano, saxophone and drum, each kind is instructed by famous musicians in their field.

Here, we have a 92-minute introduction from Pete Thomas, A British saxophone musician who is good at rock and pop. He made a clear and careful outline about the arrangement of saxophone, how to blow and breath suitably, and how to create the first note. Video is stored on the device, so you can run it whether there is Internet access or not.


Simple and comprehensive explanation can enable beginners to have confidence in playing saxophone which is different form the familiar methods of books and CDs.


If you are already familiar with notes and basic techniques, this application is worth 9,99 pound. Thomas also outlined the delicate note combining techniques and layouts that can quickly help you play the good song instead of repeating the endless exercises. This application is another good option beside the other official music education applications; moreover, advices about habits and postures are included.



This video helps saxophone players start, simultaneously encourage exploration when you can learn your own rhythm..


Gibson Learn & Master Guitar for Android

Price: Free
System requirements:
Android 1.6 or more; storage of 5.5MB
Rating: 3 stars


Gibson is synonym to ghita that is why we have a great expectation for this namesake Android application. Actually, it is a mess of other types of applications which we consider here, but of course it has its own uses.

There are many specified guitar controllers and applications showing you which threads you need to hit and keep for each chord. Gibson does both with a vertical list consisting of open chords and barre (barre chord) which you click to see how to put your fingers. On our tablet, images blur a bit, which proves that this application is designed for smaller screens.

Controlling set cannot be simpler to choose between single notes and nửa cung and the type of adjustment you need, then push the blue “start” button to see how well your guitar threads are adjusted. A needle indicates the direction to turn tuning knob.

Metronomes are regular stops in our tests. It has a list of the standard prelude and a disc of beats / minute, and it lets you choose the pace.

Lessons, links connecting to the long videos on YouTube seem not to be very suitable. You will need to connect the web to transmit them, and we think that they lack of concentration and they are too lengthy compared to the method of Jools Holland application series.


Gibson Learn & Maser Guitar are greatly functional, but it lacks of sophistication compared to the Music Makers and its personal factors are not well combined.


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