FX Photo Studio : Send a Postcard from Your iPhone

8/7/2012 3:16:24 PM

Share your holiday snaps before you get home

What you’ll need…

Postcard-creating app

Mobile phone

We used…

FX Photo Studio app


You could try…


Postcard On the Run

SnapShot Postcard


What you’ll learn…

How to creative and send a real postcard from your iPhone

“A truly special postcard that your friends and family will love”

While you’re on holiday, buy sing and sending a postcard home is one of those traditions we all love. But it can be a pain to get to a postbox sometimes, especially if you’re in a remote location. Now, using the FX Photo Study app, you can creative a postcard wherever you are in the world using your phone and then get the app to order a real postcard to be sent home for you. What’s even better, you can use your own photo taken with your iPhone to use as the postcard’s front, making it truly unique and personal to you. Whether it’s a beautiful beach you want to brag about lounging on, or a shot of you and your friends having fun, your photo will a truly special postcard that your friends and family will love. You can also edit your photos in the app, as well as add in effects, text on the front, write a personal message on the back and even selectively colour certain parts for a truly standout shot.

FX Photo Study can be downloaded from the App Store for £0.69/$0.99 and the postcard itself costs $1.99 (approx £1.20), delivered to your chosen destination within one business day. It’s a great way to share your photos before you even touch down on home soil. It’s really simple to do, so follow our steps and you’ll have a customized postcard winging its way home in no time.

Description: Send a postcard from your iPhone

Send a postcard from your iPhone

Personalize a postcard

A creative way to share your special holiday snapshots

1. Pick your photo

Open the app, and either take the photo by tapping Take Photo or select Camera Roll to choose the thumbnail you want to use and hit the scissor icon to crop, scaling the photo by pinching with your fingers. Tap Choose.

Description: Pick your photo

Pick your photo

2. Tweak your image

Press the Tools button to access the Crop tool again or to rotate your image. You can also hit Adjust where you can tweak the brightness, contrast, saturation and more. Move the slider right or left to increase or decrease the effect, then tap Done.

Description: Tweak your image

Tweak your image

3. Selectively colour

Color Snap will turn photo black and white and let you paint colour back in using your fingers. Press Pan and Zoom to be able to move around or enlarge the image without adding in unwanted colour! Hit the tick, or the cross if you’ve changed your mind.

Description: Selectively colour

Selectively colour

4. Add text

Tap the Add Text icon then hit the plus icon and select your text style. Now write in your words and then click Done. Move the text around the image your fingers at the corners. Hit Done when you are happy.

Description: Add text

Add text

5. Select Postcards

Tap the top right icon that looks like an arrow in a box for your sharing options. You can save the image to your Photo Album, upload to social networking sites and more. We want to use the Postcard options at the bottom to creative our postcard.

Description: Select Postcards

Select Postcards

6. Move and scale

You will be taken to a new screen where you’ll just need to click Continue. If your image is outside the postcard crop lines you will be warned. Move and scale so it first, then press Continue again. Add a message or profile photo on this screen.

Description: Move and scale

Move and scale

7. Send it!

On the next screen, tap the +Address bar, type in the address, hit Save, and then tap Contimue. You will now need to enter your credit card details to pay the $1.99 (approx £1.20) for the postage. Now click ‘Looks great!’ I’ll buy!’ to send it on its way!

Description: Send it!

7 of the best…

Postcard-sharing apps


Hipster encourages you to send a geotagged postcard instead of ‘checking in’, giving these tags a much more interesting approach.

Description: Hipster



Instead of a traditional postcard, Photogram sends a montage of your photos via email, with a variety of themes to choose from.

Description: Photogram


Postcard Express

Send digital postcard from wherever you are in the world and the app will geotag them with your location using Google Maps.

Description: Postcard Express

Postcard Express

Postcard On The Run

This app lets you send real postcard with a map on them that includes your location, as well as a personal message.

Description: Postcard On The Run

Postcard On The Run


Creative a real postcard from your own photo, then use your finger to doodle on your own signature for an even more personal touch.

Description: Postino


SnapShot Postcard

Mail a real postcard to your friends and family, using this basic app. You get the first postcard for free at the time of writing, too.

Description: SnapShot Postcard

SnapShot Postcard

SodaSnap Postcards

Send digital postcards via email or post them to Twitter or Facebook or share with the SodaSnap community.

Description: SodaSnap Postcards

SodaSnap Postcards

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