How Much Is Your Data Worth? (Part 1)

8/4/2012 11:30:30 AM

Twitter worth $ 0.000308

Not logging off or locking your device can lead to data theft. Spammers can post rogue adverts on your account. If using a public computer, ensure it doesn't remember your password. Your mobile phone, if not locked, can also be a security risk.

Description: Twitter worth $ 0.000308

Twitter worth $ 0.000308

Gambling account

Worth $2.5 + or often up to 20% of the balance

Victims may have key logging malware installed on their machine. A stolen gambling account will often be run in conjunction with a stolen credit card. A thief will credit the stolen account and then export winnings to a temporary bank account. Money can then be filtered out by Western Union or a mule.

Description: Gambling account worth $2.5 + or often up to 20% of the balance

Gambling account worth $2.5 + or often up to 20% of the balance

EBay worth $10

Often emails pretend to be from eBay, asking for accounts to be verified: eBay asks you to send them to Criminals can use your account - and your reputation -to encourage people to buy items from them. Your hard won feedback can be in tatters.

Description: EBay worth $10

EBay worth $10

Your computer worth $ 0.001432

Spammers or people behind DDoS attacks are after 'bot-infected' computers. Internet bots are placed on your machine. They run automated tasks over the internet. A bot-infected computer could be used to attack websites or for a spam or rogue-ware campaign, sending out thousands of emails to victims.

Credit card worth 50p to $2.5

There are up to a dozen forums and sites trading credit card details. Anti-virus maker McAfee says a full card (name, address, phone number, credit card details, password and pins) can fetch between $25 and $62. The data can be obtained via malware installed on a victim's machine, network attacks and skimming (running a card through a copying machine).

PayPal worth $62

Thieves frequently trick users into divulging information using phishing attempts. They can launder money or run up massive bills. A PayPal account has similar consequences to the theft of a bank account so be careful when inputting your PayPal password.

Description: PayPal worth $62

PayPal worth $62

Mobile phone records worth $87

Some thieves pretend to be a customer and talk customer service representatives into providing data. Sometimes - rarely - insiders sell records. Verified numbers can be used to find out where you are or where you've been at a certain time.

Bank account

Worth 3-6% of the balance

Fake websites or emails trick victims into inputting their information. Thieves can withdraw cash or launder money and you could lose your entire life savings. Many banks have lots of added security such as HSBCs Secure Key. Always go directly to a bank's website.

Online gaming account worth $19

Sometimes 'support staff' will approach gamers on forums and ask for details. Some gaming add-ons may appear safe but they exploit the system and send details to hackers. In-game items can be traded online. Values depend on the level of character, skills and available virtual goods.

Description: Online gaming account worth $19

Online gaming account worth $19

Facebook account

Worth $0.0924 (if more than 100 friends)

Often key logging: working out what you are typing and sending the information to thieves. Criminals can post spam links on your wall. People in your Friends list tend to be personal and trusting, so they are more likely to click through.


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