SQL Server 2012 Security : How Hackers Attack SQL Server

2/20/2014 8:43:45 PM

Direct Connection to the Internet

Exposing any operating system or application directly to the Internet without the use of a firewall is a bad thing—no matter whether you are using Linux, UNIX, Windows, or any other operating system. It’s rather like the carnival game where someone sits on a platform above a pool of water waiting for someone else to throw a ball and hit the bull’s-eye. When it happens, the person sitting on the platform is plunged into the water. Why expose your system, allowing anyone to take shots until you finally get soaked? Microsoft has done a lot of work towards protecting its operating systems and applications out of the box. When exploitation is discovered, they quickly address these problems and provide fixes.

This is only half of the battle, though. With all the switches and states of security for various products, it is not that difficult for an administrator or user to inadvertently misconfigure something and expose the systems to exploits. To mitigate these issues, it is very important that users isolate their systems from the Internet via firewalls and other isolation techniques.

Weak System Administrator Account Passwords

One of the easiest ways to give someone the keys to SQL Server is by providing a weak password for the system administrator (SA) account. In versions of SQL Server prior to SQL Server 2005, it was possible to give a blank password for the SA account without much complaint from SQL Server itself. As of SQL Server 2005, there is a lot more functionality around password policies and enforcement. Configuring a strong password length and account lockout in your domain will ensure that all users of SQL Server are supplying passwords that are more difficult to crack.

SQL Server Browser Service

SQL Server uses UDP port 1434 to return SQL Server instance names and port numbers to the requesting client. A few years back, this enumeration was the key to the “SQL Slammer” DoS virus. By consistently hitting the server with requests for enumeration, the virus left the server too busy to process other requests. Starting with SQL Server 2005, this enumeration functionality is in a separate service called the SQL Server Browser service. The functionality no longer runs in the SQL Server process space, and it can be turned on and off without affecting SQL Server. If you do not want to use the SQL Server Browser service, you can still connect to other instances on your server, but the connection string must contain additional information (such as a specific port number in the case of TCP connections). If you want to use the Browser service in your organization, you can mitigate additional attacks by blocking UDP port 1434 on your firewall.

SQL Injection

SQL injection is the process by which a malicious user enters SQL statements instead of valid input. For example, suppose that a website is asking for a user name. Instead of actually typing in a user name, a malicious user could type ‘blah’; DROP TABLE Sales;. The web server will happily take the user input and pass it along to the application layer, where it is executed in code as follows:

SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand
("SELECT * FROM Sales WHERE Name='" + customerName + "'", conn)

To SQL Server, it looks like the following:

SELECT * FROM Sales WHERE Name='blah'; DROP TABLE Sales;

When this statement executes, the sales table will be erased (which is not quite what the application developer had in mind!). You can see how easy it is for malicious users to cause problems and return potentially sensitive information via simple inputs to webpages or applications that blindly accept user input to build dynamic SQL. To eliminate this potential, add the user input as a parameter to the SqlCommand rather than concatenating dynamic SQL strings, as shown here:

SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand("SELECT * FROM Sales WHERE Name=@CustomerName", conn));
cmd.Parameters.Add("@CustomerName", customerName);

By using the Parameters collection of the SqlCommand object, whatever the user types will be treated just as the value of the name part of the WHERE clause.

Intelligent Observation

With the advent of powerful search engines such as Google and MSN Search, finding things on the World Wide Web is relatively easy. Web crawlers from these search engines go off and fetch key words and place them into their own internal database. These key words are used within their own search algorithms so that when you type something to search on, the search engine can easily return a list of possible choices. These crawlers not only search for and store things like websites for pizza places, they also obtain various kinds of error information returned from web servers. Error information is very valuable to hackers. For example, if a hacker types invalid password access denied into the search string in MSN, they’ll get a list of various topics that are, in general, not that interesting. However, one item might show this string: Warning: mysql_pconnect(): Access denied for user ‘root’@‘localhost’ (using password: YES) in /home/vhosts/<<removed for legal reasons>>/docs/ on line 2. Hackers know that this site is using MySQL and PHP, and they also learn some of the directory structure of the website /home/vhosts/<<removed for legal reasons>>/docs. Now they can try to query that individual directory path using an ordinary browser to see whether they can uncover any additional goodies—a script file, perhaps. If they find a script file in this directory and the developer has hard-coded login credentials to the database, they are only one connection away from compromising the database.

The moral of the story is that search engines are very good hacker tools. Never hard-code passwords in script files, and always provide webpage redirects for errors within your web application. In addition, always pay extra attention to any web application that receives input. Make sure that these kinds of data are protected against SQL injection attacks.

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