Solutions For Mac’s Problems – Part 2

2/6/2013 5:28:26 PM

Q: I am a big fan of online bank, but recently, I have tried to charge one web page that can list details of order to pay money and direct debt on bank’s website, I met 404-mistake. This page didn’t charge in and one message appeared and helped me know that this page didn’t exist anymore.

A: Bank advised me to ensure that I was blocking cookies. Although I carried out any recent change with cookies establishment, I followed bank’s advice and checked everything.

First of all, similar to things that I did with problem of Flash video, I transferred from Safari to Firefox. Page charged in other browsers immediately.

Come back with Safari, I navigated to Safari > Preferences > privacy. I defined “Block cookies” option that was installed to “From third parties and advertisers”. This is establishment that has been present in some months, even when page is charged exactly.

I changed establishment to Never to check its effect. Bill Pay page charged in Safari. More strangely, when I returned “From third parties and advertisers”, page continued charging exactly- and it did so from now. Cookies establishment is the reason of 404-mistake.

For some reason, Safari is behaving as if “Block cookies” is established in Always although that isn’t establishment appointed in Preferences.

Changing establishment provisionally looked to remind program to correct its mistakes. Here, my advice is checking cookies settings of Safari anytime when one web page refuses to charge in.

To check that whether cookies are the reason of this type of mistake or not, change “Block cookies: establishment to Never - at least to provision. If allowing cookies cannot solve problem immediately, you can erase cookies for all websites.

To do this thing, click Details button from Privacy screen, seek for cookies sections of website and click Remove to remove them.

When Documents in Cloud isn’t present

Q: Recently, I have printed a Mail message in the form of PDF with target is iCloud. I have thought that it would appear in iCloud file archive of Preview, but it wasn’t there. It wasn’t in area of storing file Pages? Where is it?

A: Mail will allow you to save PDF files that are printed in iCloud, but you cannot access them from Mail because it doesn’t have document window. And if you come to and click Mail, you will see that storing position for anything that is created by Mail will not exist.

But you can access your iCloud file that is lost due to some ways. First of all, open Finder window and click All My Files. Below title of PDF Documents, you will see that PEF file is created in Mail.

Or while you are in Finder, keep Option key, click Go menu and choose Library order that can be seen. Define and open Mobile Document folder. You will find many folders in it. In your case, you want folder. You will find Documents folder inside and your PDF file is inside that folder.

Description: All My file window allows you to see your iCloud documents.

All My file window allows you to see your iCloud documents.

From DVD to iMovie to Facebook

Q: How can I import one video that is made from DVD to iMove, adjust clip and post them on Facebook?

A: First of all, you need to extract video form DVD. I suggest to use handbrake (free) - a good tool that is designed to extract and transfer DVD to video.

Download application and run it. In the next navigating page, choose DVD, VIDEO_TS folder and click Open. Handbrake will scan DVD to find main title. If there is only one title option, you finish. If not, you click Title menu and choose main title.

In Presets row, chose preset Apple TV 2 and click Start button. According to default, Handbrake will save H.264 film on desktop of Mac.

Now, run iMovie and create a new project (File > New Project). From File menu, you choose Import > Movies. If HD Import Setting window appears, you choose option and enter Full – Original Size film and click OK.

Navigate film that you have just compressed with Handbrake and click Import. Finally, iMovie will enter clip – or come present event or new event if you chose that option.

Now it is in iMovie, you can adjust it to create clips. When you are pleased with work, you choose Share > Facebook, enter information to login your Facebook, choose low resolution, click Next and upload clip.

Description: Extract your video with Handbrake

Extract your video with Handbrake

Try this way with Size

Q: I like Size column to appear before Date Modified in every Finder window that is displayed in List overview. Many years ago, I could correct file to do this thing, but that file changed and it wasn’t an option. Is there any other ways?

A: In Mountain Lion, you open a new Finder window that has content of original folder. You press Command-J to open View window. In Finder window, pull Size column to the left to make it lie in front of Date Modified. In View window, click Use as Default and close View window. Most of the folders on your hard disk drive will display Size column firstly although Downloads folder will contain original folder. If you change Size column to the left, it will be always open in that overview. In previous Mac OS versions, this technology didn’t work trustfully. However, you can move hand-made columns in windows that you often use and they will be there.

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