Expert advice: Printer & Scanner (Part 1) - Epson Stylus Photo PX730WD & LG Scanner Mouse LSM-100

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5/3/2012 11:10:15 AM

Does my printer need an appropriate on / off switch?

There are more and more laser printers with the “soft” power button rather than normal on / off switch. We have seen this on inkjet printer, which includes only low-power components, but it is a new development in laser printer, which have greater power.

Any device with a soft power button has a control circuit with power supply remains even when the device is “off”, using several watts of power. On laser printer, this low voltage circuit uses a reed switch (reed) to control the power source, keep it off unless needed. It is as safe as a hand switch, but it means that the energy using will not decrease to zero. If your laser printer has soft power button and you do not intend to use it in a long time, unplug the main power source.

Epson Stylus Photo PX730WD

Description: Epson Stylus Photo PX730WD

Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description:

Price: $195

Epson Stylus Photo PX730WD is a direct replacement for PX720WD, which won our Best Buy award, so we are eager to see what it can do. It is a short and fast inkjet MFP including printer, scanner and color copier. There is a tilt touch panel with 6.3cm color screen, which presents several menus or content of the memory card.

Specification of PX730WD reflects the fact that it targets people who use photography and other creative users. It can scan with 2400x4800dpi resolution, while the printer is based on a long-standing Epson machine located in many hearts of our favorite inkjets. Its 6-color ink setting contains cyan and magenta inks, for printers with precise control with the pale colors.

Epson has recently updated inkjet setup program for you to have more choices about the components are installed, but everything seems more complicated than necessary when choosing the interface between 3 interfaces in of MFP to use. We checked with wired Ethernet connection, but it is only activated once the wireless interface is turned off from the printer's control panel.

The prominent “torn” in the first print documents reveal that the printer's printing head should be aligned, but strangely, it is still manual process. Fortunately, it is not thing the user needs to do regularly. Once be aligned, black text looks nice in any quality setting except for Draft, which looks pale. Although color prints are not vivid or strong on paper, stable color, and gradual color changing without banding issue and very smooth. When using 75gsm paper, we found a little leak from one side to the other side of the paper is in two-sided automatic printing mode.

PX730WD has its own position when printing pictures. It's pretty fast, even at the highest possible setting, it offers a 6x4in ​​photo in just 79 seconds, and the result is special. The combination of shades is rated excellent and color accuracy offer the top ability to copy color and black and white printing.

We are not so impressed by the swivel of the scanner lid, which expanded a bit to accommodate with thicker original ones, but the scanner itself is very suitable for printer; combined together, they provide quite good copy. The scanner is very fast, even when tested via an Ethernet connection, and get benefit from the excellent TWAIN interface of Epson.

The focus of scanner is extraordinarily sharp while colors are extremely accurate catch up, but what makes it really stand out from competitors is the ability to retain the full dynamic range of the original, including slightly different shades of the darkest and brightest areas. Thanks to overall good performance, excellent photo printing, elite scanning and reasonable operating costs, PX730WD is MFP won the Best Buy.


Comment. There are better MFP machines for general office works, but the Epson PX730WD is a good choice for photo prints and best available scan.

MFP inkjet printer in phun A4 6 màu. 5760x1440dpi print resolution, maximum monochrome print speed at 40ppm/40ppm color, scan resolution of 2400x4800dpi, USB interface, 10/100 Ethernet and 802.11n wireless, 150x445x458mm, one-year RTB warranty.

Energy consumption: 3W standby, 5W idle, 34W active.

LG Scanner Mouse LSM-100

Description: LG Scanner Mouse LSM-100

Description: Description: Description: Description: Description:

Price: $130

LG Scanner Mouse is wired laser mouse with built-in handheld scanner. It's better than other portable scanner that we have seen, which slowly with difficulty and often produce images with aliasing. Scanner Mouse allows you to scan all an area of the text or graphics in almost any rate, shows a live preview on the screen of the scanned content.

Using technology developed by Dacuda - digital expert of Switzerland, Scanner Mouse deployed a CMOS chip to record video of your scanning page. Video images are processed and aligned with together in real time by installed software on your computer to create static images. When you finish scanning, it will adjust the alignment of the images were scanned at an angle.

The software also has the optical character recognition (OCR) integrated, so when finishing scanning, you can copy its text into any document. We are particularly impressed by the software's ability to turn a scanned table into separate text boxes to be pasted into an Excel spreadsheet. You can also copy and paste parts of the scan as an image and share your scans on social networks. OCR can process more than 100 languages​​, but can not interpret handwritten text accurately.

The scanner has a maximum resolution of 320dpi and an average and low resolution mode are 200dpi and 100dpi. High resolution is best for the accuracy of OCR when scanning the small font, but the scan at low resolution will reduce the storage requirements for scanned images. This is very important, because the PC interface of mouse only allows a limited storage for each scan. Volume of use is indicated by a progress bar on the screen, next to your scanned image when it appears on the screen, so you know when it is out of space.

Scan speed at which applications run depends on the performance of the PC. Video preview is shock on AMD E350 processor, but much smoother on the Intel Core i5-2500K. One other limiting factor is the amount of memory allotted to scanner, which determine the area size you can scan. The amount of memory is determined automatically after scan software analysis system, but you can increase this memory - but the program crashes when we increase it too much.

The biggest problem of the Scanner Mouse is it is uncomfortable to use as the mouse. It's very practical, and you may be familiar with it, but the flat sides and glossy surfaces can not be compared with the structure of the labor efficiency of other pointing devices. In addition to the normal mouse buttons, there are 2 more buttons on the left. A button changes the scan mode while the other button performs the functions of the 4th normal button like coming back 1 page in the web browser. Mouse wheel controls zoom into scan mode.

This is the best handheld scanner we've seen with incredibly accurate OCR, making it excellent tool for anyone who wants to scan the pieces of texts, images or tables. However, the rat of the product seems almost redundant. It saves the USB ports and is convenient if you are “moving”, but LSM-100 will be equally useful if it a scanner without installed mouse.


Comment. LG Scanner Mouse can not be the best mouse we've ever used, but of course it is the best handheld scanner we've ever tried.

CMOS Scanner. 320dpi optical resolution, USB interface, 1 year RTB warranty.

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