Ditch your printer today : Step-by-step print your files to PDF (part 2)

4/27/2012 5:18:54 PM


The next two windows give you the option to select a number of different languages to be installed to the program’s interface, and from that list you can set a default language. Unless you’re multi-lingual, or a person using another language is going to have access to your computer, then you can simply leave this set to English.

Description: Select a number of different languages to be installed

Select a number of different languages to be installed

Online registration

Description: Online registration

Online registration

Now that novaPDF Lite is installed on your computer, go to Start > Program >novaPDF Lite Desktop 7 and click on ‘Get Free Registration Key’. A web page will now open directing you to, where you have to enter a name and valid email address for the registration licence details to be sent to you.

Activating licence

Description: Activate licence

Activate licence

Once you’ve received your licence you need to go to Start > Control Panel > Printers. In the Printers window, right-click ‘novaPDFLite v7.6’ and select ‘Printing Preferences.’ In the next window go to the ‘About’ tab and press the ‘Register’ button. In the Register window, just copy and paste the registration details included in your email.

Printing preferences

Description: Check on the preferences

Check on the preferences

Before you start to create your PDFs, you may wish to check on the preferences. By default, the program is set to create files in the US Letter format. If you wish to change this to the more UK-friendly A4, or any other page size, then you can do so from the same Printing Preferences window that you used to enter the licence details.

Create your document

Description: Create your document

Create your document

NovaPDF works seamlessly in most programs that feature a printing option. Here I’m using Office Word to create and invitation for a surprise birthday party I’m planning. I want to have this invitation professionally printed once it’s been converted to a PDF, to be sent to the printers via email. This is all easy to do directly from my desktop.


Description: Go ahead and print

Go ahead and print

Once you’re happy with your finished document, you can go ahead and print. Much like your standard printing option, by holding down [CTRL] and [P] you’ll open the Print window. Checking that the novaPDF option is selected, click on ‘OK’ and you’ll open another window where you can choose where on your computer you want to save the PDF file.


Description: Send it to friends via Facebook or similar

Send it to friends via Facebook or similar

Now that you’ve successfully created your PDF, you’ve free to distribute the file any way you see fit. If your PDF-reading software has the option, you can quickly attach it on an email. Alternatively you could send it to friends via Facebook or similar. As I want to have the invite professionally printed, I’m using this option to email it directly to the printers.

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