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12/14/2012 9:23:07 AM

Asset Recovery Programs, Remarketing, Recycling & Data Compliance

When it's time to upgrade your infrastructure, migrate to the cloud, or complete a virtualization project, you may think that the only solution for your old computing equipment is to throw it out yourself (and pay the associated fees) or find a disposal company to take it off your hands (for a charge or for free, depending on the equipment and the service). However, if you take a closer look at the true value of your assets, you may discover that they have a sec­ondary market value. If the asset is fully depreciated, it can become a newfound revenue stream that can go back into the IT budget.

Since 2008, XTechnology Global (www.xtglobal-usa.com) has used the combined experience of its manage­ment and employees to make it sim­pler and less expensive for companies with data centers to replace equip­ment. We'll show you the many IT asset services that XTG offers starting with its remarketing and environ­mental sustainability strategies.

Asset Recovery Programs, Remarketing, Recycling & Data Compliance

Asset Recovery Programs, Remarketing, Recycling & Data Compliance


Asset recovery is gaining a higher status as a way to recoup dollars for the often strapped IT budget. In today's dynamic IT world, it makes sense now more than ever to have a program in place to recover any possible rev­enue from aging hardware from the data center to the desktop. Every IT department, however, has specific needs, so there isn't a one size fits all solution to asset recovery plan­ning. The data center, for example, is different from the telecom group, which in turn is different from the desktop group, all due to varying refresh rates.

This is where XTechnology Global comes in, as it designs custom pro­grams for each respective client. When replacing older gear, XTG performs a detailed market analysis based on client provided equipment and configuration lists. Once com­plete, a detailed asset report is as sembled at the client site or at XTG. Equipment is then either sold in its entirety or disassembled and sold by the part whichever provides max­imum value.

Data eradication, reporting & compliance

If you're planning on completely replacing storage solutions and other IT equipment, take a look at the asset recovery services provided by XTechnology Global before pro­ceeding. The company eradicates the data stored on old hard drives using one of fifteen programs and handles all hard drive configura­tions, including IDE, SATA, SAS, Fiber Channel, and SCSI. Among the programs used are Secure Erase and 1X NIST Clear, both of which adhere to the NIST 800-88 specification, the latest media sanitization guidelines set forth by the U.S. Department of Commerce.

Before getting rid of old drives, consider repurposing. For instance, if you're looking to upgrade to solid state drives, it might be possible to save money by repurposing your old hard drives as mass storage devices for non-mission critical data. This will lower your costs for additional storage and help lower your overall IT budget. If drives are to be remar­keted, XTechnology Global can get top dollar in the secondary market from the tested, wiped drives.

There are some situations where you may not want to reuse hard drives or other pieces of working equipment, which is why XTechnology Global also offers remarketing services. XTG will simply take your equipment, refurbish it, and resell it, sending a percentage of the final sales total back to you. In essence, you can use money from the sale of your old equipment to help pay for your new upgrades. And if you're reselling used hard drives, XTG will destroy stored data to ensure that fu­ture buyers won't have access to it.

Drives that do not work or cannot be remarketed are degaussed and shredded, allowing for zero breaches in data security. All reporting con­tains the date, time, program run, part number, serial number, operator, and pass/fail of device. Each report pro­vides the client with a detailed list of all storage media assets, which can be further traced back to the main asset from which they came.

Regardless of your industry, there is bound to be data residing on your hard drives and other storage devices that shouldn't be released to the general public. Such data includes customer information, employee Social Security numbers, and sensitive financial data. Having this data stolen could result in a loss of reputation as well as cus­tomers. XTechnology Global understands how important it is to protect your company's vital information and makes sure that every piece of equip­ment is fully wiped before it leaves its facility or yours. Once complete, the client is in compliance with Sarbanes Oxley, HIPAA, FACTA, and the Gramm Leach Bliley Act.

Environmental sustainability (recycling)

Due to state and fed­eral legislative compli­ance issues, removing IT gear and tossing it in landfills is no longer an option. XTechnology Global, with its ISO and R2 certifi­cations, provides for a program that tracks all recycled products.

Environmental sustainability (recycling)

If for any reason your equipment isn't fit for repurposing or remar­keting, XTechnology Global can still take it off your hands and safely re­cycle it. XTG has a zero export policy for e-waste, along with a zero toler­ance policy for e-waste in landfills. After receiving your equipment, XTG eradicates data (if necessary) and sorts components via its de-manu­facturing process. Sorted materials, including glass, paper, plastic, tin, PCBs, and aluminum, are aggregated and recycled.

The ultimate goal of this process is to give your company peace of mind that equipment is being disposed of or recycled safely in order to mini­mize the amount of waste being re­leased into the environment and atmosphere. All reporting is based on the W.A.R.M. model, which provides clients with full disclosure of all prod­ucts that were recycled on a quarterly and yearly basis.


XTechnology Global doesn't rely on non-affiliated transport services to ship equipment from your company to an XTG facility. Instead, the com­pany will send XTG trucks to your data center, pick up the equipment, and personally bring it to a logistics center closest to you. XTG currently has facilities, all of which use the same eradication process, near major metropolitan areas across the country, and the company is constantly seeking ex­pansion opportunities to accommo­date increasing client demand.

As an extra layer of monitoring, XTG provides GPS-based tracking of your assets and their transport ve­hicles, so you will always know ex­actly where your equipment is located for compliance and auditing reasons. Plus, you get the added assurance that your equipment is always under XTG supervision and not floating around between multiple carriers.

XTechnology Global doesn't rely on non-affiliated transport services to ship equipment from your company to an XTG facility.

XTechnology Global doesn't rely on non-affiliated transport services to ship equipment from your company to an XTG facility.

One-stop shop

XTechnology Global can provide repurposing, remarketing, recycling, and other IT asset management ser­vices for almost any company or data center. In addition to servers, power supplies, tape libraries, and hard drives, XTG can also remarket or recycle desktops, laptops, and televisions as well as wires, cables, and other smaller components. Every piece of equipment gets the same level of respect, with extra atten­tion paid to sensitive data on storage devices. Whether your company is going through a small update or a major upgrade, XTechnology Global will help you find the hidden value in your old equipment.

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