Group Test – Computer Desks – March 2014 (Part 1) - Vivo ll Ergo

4/21/2014 2:47:21 PM
The one item of furniture we all seem to take for granted is the humble computer desk. Aside from our beds, it's the one object in our homes we generally spend the most amount of time on, so it needs to be good.

David Hayward checks out six computer desks and sees which comes out as the best

Vivo ll Ergo

Vivo Ergo Desking

There can be a lot said for a simple desk approach, one that just offers a flat surface with some basic cable management and enough space to rest a monitor or two, keyboard, mouse, your arms and the obligatory cup of coffee.

While simple, this design is generally what most users will opt for at home, more than likely due to the fact that they have used or do use this same kind of design in the workplace. The Vivo II Ergo collection of desks fit this bill nicely, and although they're quite expensive, they do offer a great platform to work on.

The review sample in this case is the Vivo II Oak Collection, Ergo Right Hand desk. It measures in at a considerable 800/600 x 725 x 1800mm, which we found more than enough to accommodate a dual 23" monitor setup, along with keyboard, mouse and so on and with enough space left over to comfortably fit an A4 writing pad and plenty of elbow room.

The Vivo II is a good, well-constructed computer desk

The Vivo II is a good, well-constructed computer desk

This particular model has an Oak-look 25mm thick, Melamine faced chipboard surface that's generally tough enough to take the knocks and scratches from the movement of equipment, but doesn't particularly like any heavy impact work or the worry attentions of pointy sharp things.



Cable management is basic but effective

Cable management is basic but effective

There are a couple of cable holes available, towards the rear corners of the desk, along with those annoying pop-out plastic parts that always seem to pop-out at the wrong times but do a reasonable job of keeping the cables in line. Running down the inside of the legs are cut-outs or rather slots, for better cable management together with removable leg covers, which again do an okay job of keeping the tangle of cables in check and away from legs and feet. There's even an optional cable tray that can be fitted under the desk toward the back, however, we didn't have one to test.

This particular model comes in a flat pack, but it's fairly easy to setup with full instructions and pre-cut holes and so on in good working order. Having said that though, the entire package weighs in at around 60kg, with the desk itself weighing roughly 59kg when full constructed, so unless you plan to enter this years' World's Strongest Man contest, you may require some help dragging the box upstairs.

Being heavy built, as it were, means that the desk, when constructed, is very stable and won't move much once it's in place, even when being knocked by someone passing. The height, at 725mm is probably a little high for some users, but those who are around the six foot mark may feel more comfortable and you do get plenty of leg room. Obviously, it's easy enough to adjust the height of your chair, but since the desk itself is non-adjustable once it's constructed, it's certainly worth mentioning and bearing in mind.

The unit we tested came from Staples and costs £497.99, which is a fair amount in anyone's eyes. But you do get a very nice, sturdy and heavy duty desk that's capable of seeing you through your entire office life. It may not have all the bells and whistles that a more computer-orientated desk has, but it's more than adequate enough for daily use.

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