AMD A10-5800K - The First Chip In Processor Of New Trinity PC

2/5/2013 3:15:31 PM

This medium processor is appropriate to rely on because it has 2D efficiency that is improved and some suitable graphic strength on chip.

Description: AMD A10-5800K

AMD A10-5800K

A10-5800K is the first chip in processor of new Trinity desktop computer of ADM. Trinity chip has graphics that is set up availably and it also replaces Llano processor of last year that is the first processor of desktop computer. Its integrated graphics is strong enough to run games.

Llano chip can have graphic strength; however, efficiency in applications of desktop computer from its K10 cores is only temporarily efficient. Trinity processor has architecture of core that is similar to Bulldozer chip and this chip can update more.

The leading A10-5800K has 2 x86 modules, each of which contain 2 “Piledriver” cores with 4 cores in total. Each of cores runs at 3.8GHz and it can be raised 4.2GHz when there is enough heat space. And each of modules has 2MB of Level 2 cache. Unfortunately, Trinity isn’t upgrade easily from llano because it needs new type of socket, FM2 and therefore, it needs a new motherboard.

New architecture leads to improvements in tests of checking 2D application. It has 74 grades in total. Test of heavy multitasking and multithreading has 74 grades and test of processing light images has 80 grades. This thing shows that A10-5800K is remarkably faster than the leading A8-3850 of the last year that has 65 grades in total. Ivy Bridge processor that we have recently checked is Core i5-3450 - it has 87 grades in total. However, its price is more expensive than A10-5800K with $60. It means that AMD’s chip is 85% faster than Intel’s chip; however, the price of Intel’s chip is as 70% as its price. It is also fast enough to a medium PC and its price is appropriate.

However, improved graphics is an advantage. A10-5800K has 384 stream processing units that run at 800MHz. It has good comparison with 400 stream processors of A8-3850 that runs at 600MHz. A8-3850 can face modern games in resolutions with console type (we realize that speed 35.5fps can be played in Dirt 3 at 1280x720 with High detail rate and 4x anti-dentation from chip of the last year), but A10-5800K can play modern games at resolution of desktop computer. 

We realized 29fps speed from new processor of AMD in Dirt 3 at 1920x1080 with High detail and 4x anti - dentation. Turning off feature of anti – dentation gave us smooth 35fps speed. When it ran in test at 1280x720, High detail and 4x anti – dentation, we realized that 46fps from A10-5800K is 10fps faster than A8-3850. In addition, it is also 19fps faster than Intel’s Ivy Bridge i7-3770K.

Description: We realized 29fps speed from new processor of AMD.

We realized 29fps speed from new processor of AMD.

Processor isn’t strong enough to run heavy Crysis 2 test in the good detail level. However, we also ran a teat by using Dirt Showdown that is game having heavier graphics than Dirt 3 to see that how it faces games of 2012.

We had to reduce game down to 1280x720 to have picture frames that can play; however, with details that are set up in High and with 4x anti-dentation, we realized that 39.9fps speed is smooth. It means that if you are ready to accept console resolution, A10-5800K can play modern games a t high level of detail.

It is the easy way to ensure that you can play games with the own resolution of 1080p screen and set up cheap AMD graphic card and run it in CrossFire mode with Trinity processor. A10-5800K will work with Radeon HD 6570 and HD 6670 in CrossFire mode. We combined it with 6570 1GB HD whose price is $66 from www..com. With installed card (and once we used BIOS us motherboard to transfer main graphics’ output to graphics to processor’s graphics), we can activate CrossFire. Dirt Showdown in 1920x1080 - resolution and High detail and 4x anti-dentation that increases from 26.5fps to 47.1fps and it’s also smooth and this thing proves that the combination of $150 processor and $66 graphic card is sufficient to play the newest games in high resolution and level of detail.

A10-5800K of AMD has improvement that is more reasonable than A8-3850 of last year about applications and it is the big improvement in game. It has enough strength for daily duties and its rate of price and efficiency seems to compete with Intel’s chip that is also good in game. You can improve 3D efficiency remarkably by adding outside graphic card to use in CrossFire Mode.  All of these things make A10-5800K become wonderful foundation for a medium PC and it also receives Best Buy prize.


·         Price: $148, including VAT

·         Provider: www.aria.com

·         Ranking: 5/5


Technological parameter

·         Core: 4

·         Speed of clock: 3.8GHz

·         Socket: FM2

·         Cache: 2 L2 2048KB

·         TDP: 100W

·         Warranty: 1-year RTB

·         Sum: 74

·         Multitasking: 74

·         Dirt 3: 46fps


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