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Viewsonic Pro8300 - Full HD 1080p DLP Projector

1/28/2013 9:17:33 AM

ViewSonic Pro8300 projector offers bright full-HD video and it has many business-friendly features. It is the great option for those who need to present HD content in an environment that is not practical or cannot be switched off the light completely.

ViewSonic offers flexible connection options with two HDMI 1.3 inputs, VGA, composite video, S-video and component video. It also combines 2 stereo speakers, so you can show slides quickly without relying on tiny laptop speakers. A remote control includes a built-in laser pointer.

Viewsonic Pro8300

Viewsonic Pro8300

As basic projector, it lacks of interesting features such as lens or zoom change and motorized focus, but automatic digital keystone adjustment creates a quick and easy set up on site. It is also quite light, with only 3.86 kg, in addition, it comes with the bag.

Manual zoom and focus control are accurate and easy to use, while a standard zoom lens allows you to place the projector anywhere from 0.9m to 10m away from the screen or wall. With 1.5x zoom ratio, you can show images with size of 100in diagonally from 3.16m to 4.65m distance.

Business projectors often sacrifice image quality in order to prioritize for brightness and budget, but Pro8300 bases on DLP 6-segment color wheel, which helps enhance quality and allow it to reproduce colors for good HD content. In a typical lighting room, you will have clear, bright and vivid images.

Viewsonic Pro8300

The display mode lets you adjust the compromise between the clarity and brightness of colors.

In correct setting, the image quality is acceptable - although the skin tone is not as natural as using a cheap home movie speaker. Pro8300 is not designed to provide sophisticated and friendly details with movies like that, because it lacks moving contrast.

You have richest colors in Dark Room mode of the projector; ViewSonic is nearly equal to performance features of a home movie screen. Bright mode significantly increases the brightness, but also reduces the color saturation and quality.

Viewsonic Pro8300’s back

Viewsonic Pro8300’s back

However, the inability to provide accurate deep black of the projector becomes too well in a really dark room. While the bright parts of the image are indeed very bright, the dark scenes reveal the prevalence of the grey.

We measured 77% of sRGB colors and 60% of Adobe RGB colors. Color mistake reached highest level of 12.46 deltaE, with average 4.75. The consumption of energy at a maximum brightness is 280W; it reduced to 230W in eco mode.

If you want a slideshow of images or high definition video in an environment where viewers need to see each other and note, Pro8300 will do the task impressively with low prices.


·         Price: $1,012 VAT excluded; $1,215 VAT included

·         Supplier:

·         DLP projector

·         DMD 0.65in chip

·         6 segment color wheel

·         1920x1080 resolution

·         16:9 aspect ratio

·         3000 lumens brightness

·         2 HDMI 1.3

·         Composite

·         S-video

·         Component

·         VGA

·         3.5mm/RCAaudio

·         USB

·         Manual zoom 1.5x

·         Screen size: 0.76-7.6m

·         Viewing distance: 0.9-10m

·         Viewing rate: 1.4-2.14:1

·         Light life: 2500 hours (normal), 4000 hours (eco)

·         Specified contrast ratio 4000:1

·         Color depth 30bit

·         Stereo speaker with 10W amplifier

·         3 year warranty (1 year for light)

·         4mm

·         3.86kg

·         332x110x26


·         This full-HD projector seems prominent in the bright room to where its strong brightness makes presentations really stand out. It is helped with many kinds of inputs, built-in speakers and a convenient laser pointer. However, ViewSonic Pro8300 is quite bad in terms of color accuracy in dim environment.

·         Designs: 4/5

·         Features: 4/5

·         Performance: 3.5/5

·         Value: 4.5/5

·         Total: 4/5


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