Motorola RAZR MAXX - “Being The World’s Lightest”

11/1/2012 9:12:35 AM

Motorola RAZR MAXX can embarrass other phones’ runtime.

It’s not easy to differentiate mobiles in the market nowadays. Sometimes it feels very hard to find a specific feature which makes your phone outstanding and better from other ones. This case doesn’t apply to RAZR MAXX. This phone’s 3300mAh can provide 17.6 talk time.

Description: Motorola RAZR MAXX - “Being The World’s Lightest”


We don’t commonly consider fixed battery as a good point but in this case it turns out to be good. The back can’t be removed. SIM card and micro-SD card lie beneath the back lid in the left. However, the compromise is large battery which is bearable.

This phone is big and heavy due to large battery. 145g weight was quite considerable when we put the phone in pocket and in some occasions we did try hard to pull out the phone having 130.7x9x8.99mm size.

This model shares same physical settings with the original RAZR although it hasn’t preserved the statement of “being the world’s lightest”. As on previous models, there are still concave edges and dual-color back finish from Kevlar, which not only stabilizes but also highlights the design.

Regarding the rest, this mobile is rather pricey, so you can expect some hi-class features. There’s one HDMI contact on top, one dual-core processor and 1GB of RAM. Besides, there is 16GB available storage but our tested model only had 8GB, which came a little disappointing.

This model owns rear 8MP camera (plus camera) supporting 1080p recording and front-facing 1.3MP camera capable of 720p recording. Main camera could capture nice shots but it was odd that only two resolutions were supported – 8MP and 6MP. Reducing the resolution down to the lower one might cause some problem. Thought, it didn’t matter videos, main camera could record video at from 1080p to 320x240pixel resolution.

The major matter in specs of RAZR MAXX is that it doesn’t come with Android 4. Instead, it still represents as a hi-end model with Android 2.3.6. However, Android 4 upgrades have been promised.

Motorola did equip the phone with Smart Actions – where you can make automatic configuration for different situations and let the phone know when to switch to energy-saving mode at night. This supplement comes quite useful for a standard smartphone.

The 4.3inch screen size shows 950x540pixel resolution, maintaining sharpness and brightness in all conditions. Powerful colors and Super AMOLED technology help to display vibrantly. But, there are still lots of spaces in the upper and lower areas of the screen, making RAZR MAXX look taller than it really is. We wished to shorten the device by some centimeters because small fingers couldn’t reach the other side when the phone was used by one hand – even big hand might have trouble, too.

Description: 4.3inch screen size

4.3inch screen size

Runtime is really an attraction of this mobile. Motorola’s statements were quite surprising and we spent one-day on heavy experiences without worrying about the next recharge. If using wisely, you could even enjoy the point until weekend with no need for carrying recharger along, which came amazing.

Memory: Motorola said RAZR MAXX had 16GB storage but only 8GB was available.

Battery: The battery is the best that we have ever seen in such an Android smartphone.

HDMI: There’s one HDMI output on top.

Big bag: Improved runtime means that you will need a quite big bag to carry this device.

Large screen: 4.3inch screen is quite big and ideal for viewing videos and browsing webs.

Camera: There are two cameras, one of which lies in the back and owns 8MP resolution.

Good for

Weekend: This model’s battery surpasses all mobile’s batteries we have ever experienced.

Video watching: There is an available DLNA app, thus playing video becomes quite easy.

HDMI: Contents are shared to large displays via a HDMI connector.


Price: $646


Battery runtime

As expected, runtime comes very impressive, giving you several days of use for only one recharge.


OS: Android 2.3.6

Processor: Dual-core 1.2GHz

Storage: 16GB (8GB available)

Size: 130.7x68.9x8.99mm

Weight: 145g

Screen size: 4.3inch

Resolution: 540x960 pixels

Extendable card slot: micro SD



Ratings: 4/5

Battery runtime is really impressive plus performance proves to be good, too.


Ratings: 3/5

Two much redundant spaces around the display makes MAXX look big.


Ratings: 4/5

You will get what you pay for and Android update is due to enhance many things.


Ratings: 4/5

Incredible runtime makes this phone a real winner despite lack of Ice Cream Sandwich.

Description: Motorola RAZR MAXX

Motorola RAZR MAXX

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