10 Ways to Get the Most From Your IPhone and iPad

11/20/2012 6:34:55 PM

10 Ways to Get the Most From Your IPhone and iPad

The iPhone and iPad are incredible devices, but rarely do we get to experience their full range of power. Most people are content just knowing the basic functionality. Since you're reading iPhone Life, I'm guessing you're not in that boat. Please enjoy this small collection of tips and tricks to help you unleash the hidden power of your iDevice.

Access Audio Con­trols from Locked Screen

Description: Description: Access Audio Con¬trols from Locked Screen

If you're listening to music on your iPhone or iPad, you can ac­cess the music controls from the locked screen if you double-click the home but­ton. The music controls will appear along the top of the screen, giving you easy access to music playback buttons such as volume, rewind, skip, or pause. The controls work with the built-in Music app as well as with popular music players like Pandora and Spotify.

Don't lock yet!

Description: Description: Don't lock yet!

Your iDevice auto-­locks after one min­ute of inactivity. If this is too short for you, you can length­en the amount of time it takes for your device to lock automatically. Simply go to Settings > General > Auto-Lock, and se­lect the length you prefer.

Forward incoming calls

Description: Description: Forward incoming calls

There are a couple of ways to forward incom­ing calls to another number, depending on your carrier.       If you're a Verizon or Sprint user (CDMA), open the Phone app, enter *73 fol­lowed by the number you wish to forward calls to, then tap Call. To turn off Call Forwarding, enter *73, then tap Call.  If you're an AT&T user, open Settings > Phone > Call Forwarding, turn on Call Forwarding, and on the "Forward to" screen, enter the number you wish to forward calls to.

Are you using Bluetooth?

Description: Description: Are you using Bluetooth?

When your device is paired with a Blue­tooth headset or key­board, a Bluetooth icon will appear in the status bar along the top of the device. If the icon is a faded gray color, it means that Bluetooth is on, but the Bluetooth device is either out of range or turned off. Knowing this can save you some time if you're having trouble connecting. If Bluetooth is turned off, or if you're not paired with any other device, no icon will appear.

Man, that's a lot of contacts!

Description: Description: Man, that's a lot of contacts!

I must admit that I discovered this by ac­cident. I was scrolling through my long list of contacts, and it was taking me forever to scroll all the way to the end of the al­phabet. Then my finger slipped over the onscreen alphabet index, and I began to scroll super fast! It turns out that if you drag your finger over the alphabet index inside Contacts, you will skip straight to the contacts at the be­ginning of each letter. This trick also works with songs and artists inside the Music app.

Search for Every­thing

Description: Description: Search for Every¬thing

Once you start ac­cumulating apps and music, it can be hard to find what you're looking for. To search your device for specific songs, app names, con­tacts, and more, swipe to the right or press the Home button from the Home Screen and the Spotlight Search feature will appear. Once you start typing the name of the item you're looking for, it'll pop up underneath. Spotlight Search can also search through email subjects, notes, reminders, messages, and more. To edit what Spotlight Search can access, open Settings > General > Spotlight Search, and un­check the sections you want to make unsearchable.

The Power of the Double-Tap

Double-tapping is a forgotten trick that can come in handy when you're browsing the web with Safari. If you visit a webpage and want to zoom in and out quickly, double-tap the page and you'll instantly zoom. You can also double-­tap words on the page to select them.

Add to the Reading List

Description: Description: Add to the Reading List

If you're reading an article in Sa­fari and want to save it for later, tap the action button (it looks like a rectangle with an arrow coming out), and tap "Add to Reading List." The article will appear under Bookmarks > Reading List. If you wish to add a link, simply tap and hold the link until the option appears. Book­marks and reading lists are synced across devices through iCIoud.

Customize iMes­sage Settings

Description: Description: Customize iMes¬sage Settings

You can receive iMes­sages with a different email address than the one tied to your Apple ID. To add another email address, open Settings > Messages > Receive at > Add Another Email. You can also choose whether you want your phone number or iMessage email address to show up in the recipient's Caller ID.

Search Text Messages

If you are looking for a specific detail inside a text message, it can be a chore to look through pages and pages of conversations. Thankfully, there's a hidden search feature in the Messages app. From the main Messages window, tap the top of the screen, and a search bar will appear. Every conversation containing the searched word will appear below, and tapping on a conversation will take you directly to the right place in the chat.

Check out the Digital Magazines

Last year Apple introduced a new App Store category called Newsstand. They also cre­ated a special Newsstand icon on the Home Screen that makes it easy to access your magazine subscriptions. There are two ways to access Newsstand: you can open the App Store and go to the Newsstand category, or open the Newsstand icon from the Home Screen and tap on Store. Either way, you'll see a large list of publications avail­able for download, including The New York Times, The Daily. All publications in Newsstand are free to download, but they require in-app subscriptions in or­der to read content. Subscription costs vary from publisher to publisher. Digital magazines are continually evolving to take advantage of the latest technology. Happy reading!

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