Outstanding Mobile Apps – April 2013 (Part 2)

4/17/2013 9:10:52 AM

If you have been too bored with the default weather forecast app on iOS, this will be an option that could not be better for you. This weather app is based on the idea to bring the colorful visual images to users, so the figures display is carefully refined. It is for sure you will immediately be attracted.



With a colorful interface, Haze makes us feel extremely realistic about the weather forecast, not "rigid" with all the monotonous numbers and icons as on the default iOS application.

Haze’s main feature is informing temperatures (both in Celsius and Fahrenheit), weather conditions, with forecasts continuously updated for the next 5 days. In addition, there is other interesting information such as the time the sun rises and sets, wind speed and wind direction, precipitation and many other attractive features. All the information is taken very accurately based on your location.

It's great that this application is free (only for iOS).

10.     Files – iOS – $0.99

Files is a good application with a user-friendly interface, allowing you to easily view and manage files and applications on the Home screen. Everything becomes simple with Files.



Besides basic features like reading Office and PDF files, the application has the ability to quickly view photos and videos pretty well. You can also easily transfer data from the computer to the application via the web browser.

However, there is a thing that quite a lot of people haven’t felt satisfied with, which is importing data from Dropbox is still quite complex.

11.     Qwiki – iOS – $0.99

This is an innovative app that allows users to create compelling videos made up of the images in other applications of the device.



Operating with the application is very easy, as Qwiki can automatically select those beautiful images in applications to sort into the video. Moreover, users can edit, add text and music to create a video product that they like best.

After completing the desired vide with Qwiki, users can share it on social sites such as Facebook or Twitter, and you can even embed the video in the Qwiki website.

In particular, an error annoying users in Qwiki’s old versions, which was producing constantly an image or a video, has been completely fixed in this new version.

12.     Wunderlist – iOS – Free

You have a long list of things to do each day, things that you need to go shopping, or even a plan for traveling abroad. It is necessary for you to manage work items and want to be able to access it from anywhere, so just select Wunderlist, which is most appropriate choice for your application.



Wunderlist offers a variety of useful features, including periodic reminders, taking notes and messages, which will help you not miss any details, even the smallest. The list of top work items to do is simple in the application and you can easily synchronize it with other devices.

The application has been awarded the "app of the year" in Japan and "the iPhone app of the week" in over 104 countries. You shouldn’t have to wait any more, go without delay to download the app to experience for free.

13.     Glove box – Android – Free

This application provides the best solution to multi-tasking activities. Just by a simple "sliding", users can easily select the application to open.

The main feature of this application is sorting applications, shortcuts, widgets on the sidebar as well as personalizing the desired sidebar.

Glove box

Glove box

It's great when the app is completely free (for Android).

14.     Archos Video Player – Android – $4.99

Install and experience immediately Archos Video Player, you certainly will not be disappointed. The application provides a variety of multimedia entertainment features which are superior beside other features commonly found in other applications, such as:

·         Automatically retrieve information about movies and TV shows you want.

·         Easy access to TV programs arranged in a scientific way by series/season/episode.

Archos Video Player

Archos Video Player

Archos is ready "for buying" for all mobile devices running Android 4.0 or higher.

15.     Pocket cast 4 – Android – $3.99

This application is really indispensable to those who often listen to podcast. Users will be continuously updated the latest podcasts that they want with a simple operation.

Pocket Cast 4

Pocket Cast 4

It has a beautiful interface, the synchronization capability optimized that allows users to play back on any device. We can say Pocket cast is the best way to help users keep track of their  favorite podcast.

16.     Sound Uncovered – Ipad – Free

Probably it should not sound strange to you when it comes to the optical illusion, but you've never heard of the concept: "psychedelic sound". Do you want to learn and explore this exciting field? Sound Uncovered will answer that for you.

This application is like an ebook, which will open the door for users to know how sound tricks the audience.

Sound Uncovered

Sound Uncovered

It's great that it allows users to interact with and learn all the sound phenomena happening around us. This will be a great way for you to relax in moments of stress.

The application is completely free and ready for you to experience.


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