Apple Reprimanding Developers For Selling Access To iOS Betas

8/16/2012 3:23:03 PM

Over the last several months, Apple has been displaying a little muscle in regards to their UDID (Unique Device Identification) program. Developers- and developers only- can register 100 devices to access to iOS beta's for a fee of $99 per year. Last month Andy Baio, who writes for Wired Magazine, brought this issue to light. If you want access to a buggy beta version of iOS 6, no problem! There is a group of public websites that will sell you access while totally ignoring Apple's UDID conditions.

Description: Apple reprimanding developers for selling access to iOS betas]

Apple reprimanding developers for selling access to iOS betas

Apple may charge developers $99, but most of these sites will charge a small fee of $10 in exchange for one of their "developer only" UDID access codes. To get a better idea of the amount of revenue these sites are pulling in, Baio writes:

"For a small developer, unauthorized activations are a lucrative business that's likely worth the risks. UDID Activation publishes their order queue on their official site, which shows more than 2,300 devices activated in the last week alone. At $8.99 for each activation, that's more than $20,600 in revenue, with $2,277 paid to Apple for the 23 developer accounts. Their homepage claims that more than 19,000 devices were activated so far, and that's only one of several services. And since device activations only last for a year, each service can reuse their expired slots with no additional cost."

Description: The Apple iOS Range

The Apple iOS Range

A large number of these sites vanished in recent weeks after Wired published Baio's article (,,,, Will this aggressive behavior on Apple's part stop other sites from popping up? One thing is for sure, websites that are caught selling UDID access codes will be facing a DMCA request made to their host.

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