Durable Fashionable Soul SL150 Headphone Review

1/22/2013 4:47:12 PM

SL150 headphone of Soul is designed by Ludacris - a famous rapper. It has not only fashionable and glossy look but also good sound. This product is appreciated with endurance and comfortable feeling when being carried.

SL150 is the medium series of Soul by Ludacris, one of the famous brand names about headphone in the world market. It possesses good sound and design that has style like Beats by Dre models. While Beats headphones has just had portable model, SL150 also has many other models.


Soul by Ludacris SL150’s design is completely different from traditional headphones. It is designed simply but fashionably, and it’s difficult to confuse it with Beats by Dr. Dre – a countryman.

Description: Youth like Soul by Ludacris, a fashionable headphone brand name.

Youth like Soul by Ludacris, a fashionable headphone brand name.

Logo with word S and Soul that is put in the center of wall ears is prominent to users. Buffer of ears is made of synthetic leather material that can be elastic and has high endurance. Fashionable design of Soul SL150 is increased when producer adds 2 shining metal borders that are around headphone border. However, cover is shining, so SL150 that is black easily becomes dirty, saved fingerprints when using and you need soft towel to clear.

Soul SL150 has seamless design. It is simple and doesn’t reveal junctions, so it is different from most headphones that have the same type in the market. However, this product is flexible and comfortable to use. Ring frame that is made of thin steel and hidden inside can adjust aperture. Perfect quality of Soul SL150 is very good when users don’t make headphone break or damaged regardless of making it straight or close and it will return to the first position.

Headphones of Soul bring comfortable feeling to enjoy music. SL150 can be used well in some continuous hours. It doesn’t cause tiredness of head because of ear pain or squeezing on head. Buffer of ears has suitable size with kidney design, so it fits with user’s ears to listen well. Keys that are near 2 buffers of ear allow users to break or fold the headphone and then put it in in box tidily. The inside buffer border is covered with skin, so it looks rather thick; however, they are soft, light and creates comfortable feeling if you hear in a long time. In addition, it also keeps noise-absorbing well.

Description: SL150 has big design; however, it is easy to fold and put it in bag tidily.

SL150 has big design; however, it is easy to fold and put it in bag tidily.

Headphone cable is designed to draw out and keep 3.5mm jack that is gold-plate and put in the felt hand. A noticeable thing is that Soul SL150 cable has flat design and thick rubber and especially it isn’t untidy although it is folded. 3.5mm plug is connected with mobile equipment and is gold-plated to ensure that sound is transmit well. It has L design and this thing is different from normal form to avoid phenomenon of folding and breaking cable.

Each of SL150 headphone is used with 2 cables: one is solid and the other is integrated with micro and controller to use with telephones. This controller can be used to set volume, control music that is similar to Apple smartphone’s headphone. Moreover, Soul also gives a hard carrying case that can contain headphone and cable inside to travel easily.


To test sound, Soul SL150 headphone is used with iPhone 5 through 3.5mm jack and people also use source of music from iTunes, in 256 kbps ACC formatting, without running across Head-amp.

Description: SL 150 has good sound; however, it is suitable to young people and eventful music.

SL150 has good sound; however, it is suitable to young people and eventful music.

The first song that was chosen was Forget You of Cee Lo Green, a rapper that is similar to Ludacris. Sound from the beginning is rather overwhelming when it shows strength and liveliness of drums. Cee Lo Green’s high voice is shown rather clearly, smoothly, not intensively. For Only Girl of Rihana and On the Floor of J.Lopez, Soul SL150 shows the ability of performing bass smoothly, reasonably and it barely stimulates emotion without feeling full of ears like Beats.

After songs that have quick and strong rhythm, SL150 was tested with Hotel Califonia that is recovered by Yao Si Ting; MP3 formatting with 320 Kb/second. With songs that have slow and smooth rhythm, Soul’s headphone also shows ability of showing bass. Prelude part of song and strong rhythm of drum are good. Appearance of guitar’s sound, SL150 shows the feeling that sound is sticky and seems to loose details. The ability of headphone’s showing space isn’t impressed, it lacks depth and has dark feeling. Producer doesn’t reveal technological parameters such as frequency range, impedance or loudspeaker’s size particularly.

In general, if you choose the right taste of music, sound quality that the product brings is better than price. Soul SL150 seems to be suitable to kinds of music such as R&B, Pop, some Rock songs or electronic music that fit young people.

We can see that Soul SL150 is the direct competitor of Studio model of Beats through look and sound. Its competitor has price for portable good is approximately $286 while genuine SL150’s price is $285.


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