How To Create A Lively Video Clip

3/8/2013 10:33:09 AM

The following techniques will help you create a lively video clip which attracts more viewers, like using the unique and extraordinary 3D effect, creating stunning subtitle, integrating video in video…

One of the simple yet common video clip-creating apps is ProShow Producer. Using this software, users will quickly have a video clip to show on laptop, TV, but if you want your video clip to be livelier, you should experience the Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 software. According to that, the effects and acts in this article are mainly performed on ProShow Producer and Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 software. You can find out more about using these techniques on many other video-editing softwares (such as AVS Video Editor, Magic Movie Edit, Corel VideoStudio Pro, Avid Liquid…).

Preprocess the source image

Normally, users will put up a video clip from many static images, and can attach some videos. Then, if you want a high quality video clip, you need to be detailed from the step of choosing the images, source video, avoid letting one low-quality image or video become “the fly in the ointment”. However, that doesn’t mean that all the bad images are not used. If there is a not-good quality image (cluttering, lack of light, unreasonable lay-out), but you are compelled to use in on the video clip, preprocess it by using dedicated image editing software, instead of processing that image by some “deficient” features of the film editing software in use.

For example, with the image with tone that is difficult to see, you just need to put it in the CameraBag software, and then chose another tone in many suggesting result. Of course, if you had experience in editing images with Imageshop, you should spend time editing the image with this software before using to put up a video clip because Imageshop will provide you the flexible crop tools and the most variety color-combining ability at present, accompanied by many eye-catching brushes.

Process the image with CameraBag before making a video clip.

Process the image with CameraBag before making a video clip.

Build a script in advance

Besides, you also need to note the size of the image which is about to be used. By that, if you made a video clip by simply letting the images run consecutively, you should choose the images with the same size or not too much difference. Otherwise, if the size of some images had big difference, you should predefine a display script so it may look stunning, for example you can let some small images appear slowly and cover a big current image through the visual effects. Besides, the order of image appearance is also a problem that needs to be considered, you should somehow arrange to make in suitable, not insert images at random into the video clip you’re editing.

Using “unusual” effect

For sure the video clip will be very attractive if you know how to choose and use the “unusual” effects. On the montage programs, the effects are usually divided into groups: effects on the subject and scene transition effect. And when the new version is released, the makers always expand the effect stock. Therefore, you need to remember updating the latest version to have the novel valuable things in your hand.

The massive effect stock of Proshow Producer software

The massive effect stock of Proshow Producer software

However, there are effects that are always be a decisive part of some software that has release for a long time, such as Fly-In and Fly-Out scene transition effect (the current subject fly slowly in, and the new subject will progressively appear), Wipes (after a rotation, the detail on the current subject will be replace little by little by the new subject). Especially, Zoom effect (zoom in/out) will be necessary when you want to show more clearly a subject on the screen. It could be step-by-step zoom, smoothly in a far-away boat to attract viewers to a tiny, vaporous and far-away object.

There is also a quite new group of effect, which is always cared and developed by the maker, namely Motion 3D (a spectacular group of effect in 3D format). You can notice of using these effects to give your video a more modern breath as compared to using the regular 2D-movement effect.

Besides, some professional film-editing software such as Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 also provides users effects to attach directly onto the video clip in freely period of time, such as Lightning, Lens Flare effect. The use of these effect, together with a little of creativity, you can make impressive highlights for your video clip. For example, when shooting 2 eyes looking directly at each other, reediting by a lightning bolt between; when a couple are kissing in the blue sky, it wouldn’t be more perfect if there are some additionally colorful circles from the  lens flare effect.

Lightning and lens flare effects

Lightning and lens flare effects

Merge multiple of frames together

If you only put up a video clip in image stile, videos that change constantly with some scene transition effects are not really attractive. A lot of today’s software let you put up a video clip with many frames, sound displayed at the same time, categorize in the groups of Video 1, Video 2…, Audio 1, Audio 2… You should take advantage of this feature to make a unique video in video.

For example, on Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 software, drag the 1st video in Video 1 timeline, then right-click the word Video 1 > choose Add Tracks > enter 1 > OK. After that, drag the 2nd video in Video 2 timeline. Then, enter Video Effects > Transitions > drag Linear Wipe effect onto the 2nd video. At that time, in the Effect Controls card of the 2nd video has Linear Wipe item. Your mission is to drag the slider at Transition Completion field so as to make the images of the 2 videos display at the same time and most reasonably.

Make eye-catching subtitle

Subtitle is an essential feature of all film editing software, but most of the amateur users don’t use this feature effectively. By that, users mainly type, choose the kind of subtitle, the appearance position, font, size, font color. A lot of software has some eye-catching subtitle styles in available, when using a style like that, you only need to adjust the improper parameter, like changing the font color to make it stand out against the frame. In fact, users can make their own a mark-private subtitle stream when applying an attached effect.

For example, recreate 2 subtitle streams with the same content, put them on the same position on the frame, and choose individual color for the created subtitle stream. Then, apply the effects for the created subtitle to see the fruits of the creativity. As Video Transitions effect> Wipe on Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 is creating the running text effect in karaoke format (with this effect, 2 subtitle streams will be put together in Video 2 timeline, Wipe effect is inserted between, and Video 1 timeline contains the main video clip).

Publish video clip with the suitable format

When publishing the end-product, you have many choices of video clip format. At this step, you need to consider choosing video clip format in order to be suitable of the using demand. The most qualified format you can choose is Blu-ray. However, for most cases about putting up a video clip and watching on computer, AVI or MP4 is suitable, but if you want something slighter, you can choose FLV. After choosing the above format, the program will itself sets up the parameter for the video clip, you should continue processing to have an expected end-product.

Adjust the video clip quality to be suitable for the photos, original video.

Adjust the video clip quality to be suitable for the images, original video.

For example, you only use images with the size of 800x600 pixel in video clip, but you want to publish the end-product video clip with Full HD quality of 1080p (1,920x1,080 pixel), it’s a waste of storage  capacity. Similarly, if you only make a video clip to share on the internet, you need to set up the lower parameter, normally you only need the 640x320 pixel size, and that’s enough for the video frame of some current website.  

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