Display Warriors (part 3) - Quantum QHM1560, BenQ GL2030 & LG E2290

3/26/2012 11:54:34 AM

Display Warriors (part 3)

Quantum QHM1560

If you are looking for a cheap screen, you should select the small size one. QHM1560 is a 15.6in screen for these customers. It has 1366x768 resolution and minimum voltage.

QHM1560 occupies very little desk space than CRT monitor, lighter and less heat generated. About connectivity, there is only a VGA port, the absence of DVI-D or HDMI port makes it not attractive for people love games and movies. Nothing much to say about design quality.

Connection to PC screen is easy, just connecting the power source and use VGA port to connect PC and it's done. The control buttons are located in the front and at the right side, power, auto, menu buttons, + and - control all tasks. Menu screen is easy to use, auto mode works perfectly and the so does the preset.

We feel 1366x768 pixels is perfect for this screen size, 1280x1024 is a little big. Standard text and the windows have appropriate size. QHM1560 worked well in tests for daily tasks such as browsers as well as spreadsheets and documents. We have not tried watching HD movies yet, but otherwise normal film is played normally. Black and grey are presented well, with light purple rim while showing white colour.

The picture quality and common focus are quite good in the natural resolution. We can recommend this product for customers who are tight on budget.

BenQ GL2030

BenQ GL2030 is a cheap basic model for the customers who don’t have much money. With the price is about 8000 rupees, 20in LED screen sounds reasonable.

The box contains the screen and basic cable, no document, you need to download a copy from BenQ official website.

Full black GL2030 has glossy surface. The messy white stars are arranged strategically show their out standing from the vast black space. The controls are located at the right bottom. Hard standing, but we have noticed some adjustment problems while installing.

The connection ports are limited with VGA, DVI-D, HDMI, USB and speakers are removed to reduce the price. 20in LED screen has maximum resolution 1600x900. Real contrast ratio is 1000:1 while the dynamic contrast ratio is 12.000.000:1, with 5ms response time. Senseeye3 technology adjusts the colors automatically, depending on ambient conditions.

The screen gets good marks while surfing internet, typing text or watching YouTube videos. It reproduces our 720p testing videos quite beautifully, but if you're a movie addict, you should increase your budget slightly to get a 1920x1080 resolution monitor. GL2030 with TN technology, and that's why we have problems with viewing angle. But at this price, you should not expect something better.

GL2030 is designed for normal people, which are not very picky about color accuracy, full HD or heavy gaming.

LG E2290

LG Flatron E2290 is a super nice 22in screen that aimed at customers interested in fashion. Shiny chrome surface looks like metal continuing on the stand, a chrome round highlights the style. There are no physical buttons damage the screen body, all are touch.

VGA, DVI-D, HDMI and headphone jack complete the connection options. All these ports are located on the back. 21.5in LED screen has a maximum resolution of 1920x1080 while reproducing 16.7 million colors. Typical contrast ratio is at 1000:1, dynamic contrast ratio is 10,000,000:1, with 5ms response time. The touch controls are on top of the base. They control the brightness, contrast, sharpness and color temperature. There is a preset for normal, film and internet mode. You can control the private gamma or RGB.

During the tests, we did not encounter any problems while reading text. Black texts are very accurate on white background, there is no color leak. To evaluate the video performance, we played 1080p video version. The colour performance is very good with deep black color in film preset. Game performance is great, but we find a light blue streak while viewing photos.

In general, the E2290 is a good combination of style and quality.


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