Display Warriors (part 1) - ASUS VS-247 & ASUS PA246

3/26/2012 11:54:30 AM

Display Warriors (part 1)

Computer screen is the core of computing experience, it has been postulated that. In this category, we reviewed the latest products on market.

Before deciding how much you are willing to spend for the screen, remember that bad screen can ruin the all the computing experience. Especially if you are young, who use computers more for high-definition contents and games. Will the extreme games and high definition movies be fantastic on a bad screen?

We have reviewed 11 screens and compare them on style, performance, ergonomics and authentic experience. We are sure this test will help you to have better shopping decisions.


ASUS VS-247 is a quite good and cheap LCD screen. With an attractive glossy black shell, plastic body of the VS-247 is very light.

The control buttons are located at the bottom and right hand side of the bezel. With a maximum resolution 1920x1080, VS-247 has LCD screen illuminated by LED with all the necessary connectivity options. VGA, DVI-D, HDMI and 3.5mm audio port are located at the rear. Power input is located right next.

Menu is quite detailed, and you can change image parameters freely. There are several presets to adjust quickly. If you have not purchased a desktop loudspeaker, VS-247 can also act as built-in speaker.

In the performance test, we have corrected the screen and then done some comparison tests with the actual tests. Scores in these compare tests were quite well, the screen displayed the optimum grey and black without stain in the white presentation. Overall, it has passed our color accuracy test with good scores.

It did well in the background noise test and no noticeable moiré noise through the test. Video playing is good, no ball or array spots.

In general, the VS-247 is a good product with beautiful style and reasonable price. We will propose this model for those interested in their budget.


ASUS ProArt often poses greater challenges for HP DreamColor, through the later model of this series. The first model we evaluated is PA238, we are considering the next model in series now, PA246.

At first glance, the screen promises excellent performance. Chubby design with anti-glare black surface is so elegant and sturdy. Interestingly, there are 6 axis controls for color, saturation and RGB, this eliminates the need for any alignment tool when setting screen to present “your perfect picture”.

PA246 is 24in IPS display with resolution of 1900x1200. There are size labels on the bezel, which allows the physical size of A4 horizontal and straight form, as well as size 8x10in, 5x7in, 4x6in, 3x5in and 2x2in.

Like previous model, PA246 has versatile stand that allows height, tilt and swivel adjustment. There are plenty of connection options, VGA, DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort, USB, SD/MS/MMC/xD card reader and 3.5mm headphone jack (for HDMI/DisplayPort audio output). The front buttons are streamlined, and if you are more comfortable with the presets, there are 6 presets to choose.

PA246 has passed all tests. The grey and black presentation is flawless. White is perfect, too. The screen has large viewing angle, great game and video playing.

We suggest reasonable adjustment to take advantage of this screen. PA246 is a great option for photographer, painter, illustrator and image-processing expert.

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