Maxell Audio Wild

3/26/2012 6:15:34 PM

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Affordable, respectable audio quality and striking looks

As well as the batteries A and recording media with which It made its name, Maxell has a generally well deserved reputation for turning out decent, affordable audio kit.

We took a look at the company’s Audio Wild headphones. One other most noticeable characteristics of this over-the-ear set is the texture of the generous cushions, with a sleek, rubberised, matt finish. The electric green highlights add a bold touch that’s likely to resonate with style-conscious users out there (there are two other designs). The 40mm drivers deliver a solid audio experience. The Frequency response is 2OHz-2OKHz, and we were able to pick up a decent level of detail at both high and low Frequencies, Doing justice to our favourite tracks. There not audiophile headphones, of course; you tend to get what you pay for in the audio arena. But For the money we were fairly impressed.

Offering an adequate level of sound isolation, the headphones are suitable for use on public transport. while the 90-degree swivel ear cup will be a welcome Feature For those who DJ. The lightweight headphones have a secure ht. which Is adjustable. However, we found them slightly uncomfortable when worn for long periods of time, the headset includes a goldplated 3.5 to 6.2mm jack adaptor and 1 .2m cable. The cord has ample length to connect to devices stored in a pocket or rucksack, and could just about serve For sofa use with a home entertainment system. On the down side, the headphones don’t feature an inline microphone, volume control or call accept? end button forhands- free calling, nor do they come with a carry case or pouch. But again we’d stress that such luxunes would be unusual at this price point.

The Audio Wild headphones are attractive enough to tempt the youngsters, and offer decent audio for the money. They can get a bit uncomfortable — that’s our only real complaint. Letitsa Austin


Company Maxwell

Price $45

The skinny

Likes: Decent sound quality For the money; not much sound leakage; two-year warranty

Dislikes: A bit uncomfortable

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