Capture A Subject As A Reflection (Part 2)

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9/27/2012 3:21:30 PM

Get your puddle photo ready for printing

7.     Adjust the exposure

When shooting a reflection it is hard to get the exposure right, with contrasting shadows and a bright sky behind. You can tweak the exposure by opening up the Levels tool and bringing the arrows in at the bottom to the line up with the graph.

Description: Adjust the exposure

Adjust the exposure

8.    Boost the contrast

Increasing the contrast will combat the effect of glare as well as make the reflection more prominent in the photo. Simply go to Enhance>Adjust Lighting>Brightness/Contrast and bring the contrast the slider up until you’re happy with the results.

Description: Boost the contrast

Boost the contrast

9.    Adjust the colours

As well as the reflection, the bright and bold colours are key parts of this shot. To enhance them enough to make them pop and show up in the reflection, you need tweak the saturation. Simply go to Enhance>Adjust Color>Hue/Saturation and drag the slider.

Description: Adjust the colours

Adjust the colours

10.  Blue and pinks

If you have one or two prominent colours, enhance them separately for maximum effect. Within the Hue/Saturation adjustment window it’s possible to select from a number of primary colours that allow you to modify them one by one.

Description: Blue and pinks

Blue and pinks

11.  Burn the reflection

If you find that the reflection in your shot is still a bit too washed out, you can manually biist the effect. Select the Burn tool from the toolbar, choose Shadows and a low opacity and brush over the reflection. This will darken it, making it stand out further.

Description: Burn the reflection

Burn the reflection

12.  Sharpen up

Photographing any sort of water can often lead to unwanted movement, especially with a reflection shot. To combat this, go to Enhance>Unsharp Mask and move the sliders to subtly sharpen the shot, paying careful attention to your reflection subject.

Description: Sharpen up

Sharpen up


Print your perfected reflection shot on a canvas

13.  Choose your service

There are a range of different services, both on and office, that offer a number of print options for your photos. For our canvas we used Jessops. They have a huge selection available and it’s very to use. Visit for more information.

Description: Choose your service

Choose your service

14.  Select your size

Jessops offer a range of shapes and sizes for all types of photos and budgets. It’s a good idea to choose the size you want before you start uploading your shot. Just be sure to check the measurements, select your choice and click Apply.

Description: Select your size

Select your size

15.  Upload your shots

Uploading your shot is done via the red button on the left of the screen. Clicking this brings up the upload window, which lets you browse your files and select your shot. Once the upload has finished, simply drag and drop it onto your blank canvas.

Description: Upload your shots

Upload your shots

16.  Make adjustments

By clicking anywhere on your virtual canvas, you are taken through to the editing window. From here you can zoom in and out of your shot, adjust its position and rotate it to fit. Once you’re happy, simply hit Apply Change to go back.

Description: Make adjustments

Make adjustments

17.  Preview and finish

You will now be presented with the final look of your canvas. If you like you can apply different effects and borders using the options to the right of your photo. Alternatively you can simply click Add to Basket to proceed with the ordering process.

Description: Preview and finish

Preview and finish

Description: Share


Technical tip

If your autofocus is struggling to focus on your subject then try switching to manual. This way you can take control and make sure your reflection is nice and sharp.

3 of the best…

Other ways to shoot reflections

Try out mirror images

By using a calm stretch of water, it’s possible to capture an accurate mirror image of your subject, giving a completely new look to an otherwise basic photograph.

Description: Try out mirror images

Try out mirror images

Add in natural frames

Try including a strong shadow in your shot as a focal point of the scene. Try being creative and use any available reflection as a natural frame for a unique take on any subject.

Description: Add in natural frames

Add in natural frames

Add interest to your composition

Using a reflection you can add a whole new subject or even just add things like a bright a colourful sky to enhance your shot.

Description: Add interest to your composition

Add interest to your composition


Adjust your subject’s position to make sure you get the best-possible reflection

Description: Positioning