The Most Hi-end Compacts : Leica D-Lux 5 Titanium, Leica D-Lux 5 Titanium

9/26/2012 8:57:31 AM

Description: Leica D-Lux 5 Titanium

Leica D-Lux 5 Titanium

If this test is to judge how beautiful compacts are, Leica would absolutely rank first. The German brand did take the special D-Lux 5 and wear it an anodized aluminum finish. This beautiful camera also comes with a nice Italian leather bag. Besides, you will have a licensed copy of Adobe Lightroom 3 supplied to help processing images. This equipment as well as the design partly compensate for this compact’s high price.

Fortunately, image quality is quite excellent with low noise and high detail until it reaches ISO 800 where noise starts to appear. Among models of this list, D-Lux 5 owns the highest sensitivity with ISO that can rise up to 12,800. However, visual quality would become so noisy at this mode that you should avoid it.

The camera is very user friendly because configuration can be simply done within 1 or 2 clicks. You easily adjust autofocus and shutter speed with a rocker button placed on the lens. You can also access detailed menu for more setting. In general, only its high price prevents D-Lux 5 from being the greatest one.

Manual recording

D-Lux 5 doesn’t support 1,080p recording but the 720p Creative Mode provides users more stuff than ever, with options for aperture, shutter, program and manual exposure.


Referring to design, experience and specs, Leica shares common things with the cheaper Panasonic LX5 but Leica model has longer warranty, remade interface and different firmware.


Lens: 5.1-19.2mm (35mm equivalent: 24-90 mm)

Resolution: 10.1MP

Optical zoom: 3.8 X

ISO range: 80-12,800

Aperture: f/2-f/3.3

Video recording: 720p at 30fps

Display: 3inch/7.6cm plus 460,000 pixels

HDMI output: No

Stuff overview

Ratings: 4/5

Appearing splendid, this camera has a high price preventing it from having the highest score.

Leica model has a hotshoe for flash unit as well as external finder. Furthermore, no camera in this test supports EVF.

Sliding switch in top and left of the lens makes you easily adjust aspect ratio of image and change modes including manual-focus, auto-focus and macro, which comes very handy.

With various buttons, you are able to adjust setting comfortably. In addition, “Q Menu” function is really useful, by combining a lot of adjustments in one menu option shown on the screen.

2. Ricoh GR Digital IV

Description: Ricoh GR Digital IV

Ricoh GR Digital IV

Ricoh GR Digital IV aims at passionate users. It becomes a compact in your pocket when pricey DSLR models turn out to be impractical. And this camera is really excellent due to its f/1.9 lens, fast auto-focus and many custom configurations for photo-shooting.

It is expected that Ricoh excellently captures image according to its price. Color reproduction and noise at ISO are quite appropriate. Thus, for outdoor usage, this good camera is suitable. Image captured at high ISO level in low lighting doesn’t look nice, with noise appearing more regularly than in Canon S100.

This compact is not the most either reliable or versatile here because of fixed lens, lack of optical zoom, HD recording and other surprising stuff, except one hotshoe for external flash and electronic spirit level. GR Digital IV is good for users who have purely basic demands. Consequently, this camera is not multi-functional as it appears.

Have it in your own way

Photography lovers probably like an interface which can be customized. This is where you can make you own button for separate settings and create 3 capture modes from many options.

Powerful macro photography

Macro focus is a real upside of this compact. It allows you to capture image which is 1cm maximally distant from the lens. Furthermore, this feature has a considerably fast focus speed and captures amazingly clear image.


Lens: 6mm (35mm equivalent: 28mm)

Resolution: 10MP

Optical zoom: No

ISO range: 80-3,200

Aperture: f/1.9

Video recording: VGA at 30fps

Display: 3inch/7.6cm plus 1,230,000 pixels

HDMI output: Yes

Stuff overview

Ratings: 3/5

Photography lovers may highly appreciate this camera for control range but versatility is not its upside.

The model comes with a hotshoe for external flash, ideal for low lighting condition.

Besides, there are 6mm fixed lens with no optical zoom however the wide-angle zoom is really useful.

Battery can handle 400 shots. Furthermore, this compact owns card slots for SD, SDHC and Eye Fi. Unlike other rivals, Ricoh doesn’t support SDXC cards having extremely large storage.

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