Samsung ES8000 – The Most Powerful Smart TV

9/29/2012 9:14:53 AM

This Samsung 55inch/140cm TV is the first model in a series of most powerful smart TVs which are due to appear through 2012. However, if there is any TV having less twice interesting control like this TV, we will be very surprised.

Description: Samsung ES8000

Samsung ES8000

As expected, Samsung visual quality shines at first sight. It is bright, clear and stable. Moreover, 3D display is the best one we have ever viewed hitherto. Beside, HD image is quite impressive. This TV is excellent at processing complicated actions and delivering powerful brightness plus extremely high definition.

Smart TV’s common features (YouTube, Facebook, etc…) are now supplemented with “Family Share” (to share pictures and notes with a specific network of user), “Kids” (an attempt to gain more knowledge) and “Fitness” (where you feel inadequate when you are working out with your image displayed parallel one of a muscular coach).

Voice and gesture recognition has already been in our wish list about TVs for years and this TV is the first one supplying us with this. The TV simply works well. Voice command is quickly and accurately responded though you can order anything odd to put in the search bar. Gesture control is not so successful because it requires: first is an extra bright room and second is large but decisive gesture.

Fortunately, 2012 is hoping for other significant TVs. ES8000 is an impressive one in only May. Meanwhile, manufacturers will soon introduce more TVs of 2012 and product like GT50 of Panasonic would harm ES8000. Besides, LG equips a voice control and a Kinect-like sensor for their up-coming models. However, in any aspect, ES8000 is still a milestone.

ES8000’s Rear port for “Evolution Kit” doesn’t seem incomprehensible as it looks. It means that Samsung will give further upgrade of specs for ES8000 in 2013 or even 2014. This is much better than buying a brand-new TV.

In case your other devices fall out of date, Samsung provides inbox stuff called “IR Blaster”. This enables any kit (ex: Sky, Blu-ray…) connected to your TV to detect voice as well as gesture. Thus, saying a number to Sky box in order to switch channels will be more pleasant than expected.

Programming language


Make sure that the room is fully lighted. After that, wave your hands at the TV to let it know your position. This shows up a hand cursor which can be moved to select channels, adjust volume and etc… It comes handy for browsing webs: make counter-clockwise circle to return to last page or clench your fist to close a page. The operation is very potential unless your room is fully lighted. When this feature cannot detect different gestures anymore, we will control the TV in another way…


…like we do with our voice. All of us did shout to our previous TVs. Finally, this TV is able to listen. It has wide vocabulary because Samsung did good preparation for voice detection. With such feature of a Smart TV, voice recognition sounds natural.


After these things above, a remote touchpad control seems outdated but it is still more interesting than other controls. It works precisely, especially with the TV’s default web browser. Besides, it provides users with “hot key” shortcuts for most used control buttons. Moreover, thanks to an integrated microphone, this remote control becomes necessary for voice command.

Here comes with the following stuff

Sony BDP-S780

This Samsung TV gives a remarkable 3D display so you need a reliable Blu-ray player to deliver it. Thus, Sony BDP-S780 seems the best choice with slim plus nice design and multi-function.

Western Digital WD Elements Desktop

Turning this TV in to a PVR is very simple. You just need to connect with Western Digital HDD via USB connector. This HDD has reasonable price, compact design and storage of from 500GB to 3TB.

DStv BoxOffice

DStv BoxOffice provides service for hiring video at request of premium subscribers. Latest movies will be immediately available on your TV with no worry about giving them back at expired date.

Yamaha YSP-2200

When sound quality of the TV is acceptable, according to standard for flat screens, ES8000’s audio quality can be considerably enhanced by Yamaha products (including sound bar and sub-woofer) which are promised to create convincing quality.

In comparison with Xbox 360 plus Kinect

If you want an additional voice/gesture control without buying a brand-new TV, Xbox with Kinect should be considered. Samsung’s TV may be better at recognizing special voices and gestures but Xbox gives you access to many games as well as smart features like Lovefilm, Netflix and Sky by only either one click or one command. It is a simple way to make your dumb TV smarter.

Samsung UE55ES8000 specifications

Screen: 55inch/140cm LCD panel plus 1920x1080 pixels and LED backlight

Connectivity: Analog output, composite components, Ethernet, 4x HDMI, optical outputs, PC connector, SD card slot, 2x USB 2.0, Wi-Fi a/b/g/n.

Control: Voice, gesture, remote touchpad, standard remote control.

Tuner: Analog, Freesat, Freeview HD

Main web-browsing features: default browser, Facebook, iPlayer, Lovefilm, Netflix, Twitter, YouTube.

The first hour with Samsung ES8000

The 3rd minute: So beautiful! It is as slim and bright as Keira Knightley.

The 7th minute: The stand is nice but we wish it would be rotatable.

The 12th minute: Wonderful GUI! Which remote control should we choose?

The 15th minute: The set-up has been already, now we can talk with the screen interestedly.

The 21st minute: Let’s make some gesture commands to the TV but it comes useless.

The 29th minute: We enjoy the 3D active glasses feeling light and comfortably.

The 47th minute: Best 3D display ever! It appears bright and detailed.

The 51st minute: Browsing webs via voice commands is extremely great.

The 59th minute: We want this TV for our own. Samsung, please don’t take it away!

Description: Samsung ES8000

Samsung ES8000

Stuff overview

Ratings: 5/5

A smart TV shines with options for next-generation controls.


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