InfoPath with SharePoint 2010 : Set Up the Form for Tracking Changes

6/25/2014 9:46:38 PM
Scenario/Problem:You want to set up the form for tracking changes.

Solution:Create the controls and fields needed for tracking changes as explained here.

The initial setup starts with defining the field and text box for the form entry you want to track changes.

To define the field and text box, follow these steps:

Design a new form in InfoPath Designer and use a single-column table layout.

Place a text box in the second row and provide a name for the field. (For this example, I am using Description.) This is the field for which you want to track changes.

Make the text box multiline and stretch it out within the table row.

Split the cells of the first row and enter a field label in the first column.

Make the second column smaller by dragging the line that separates the two columns. The second column will be used for controls as explained within subsequent sections.

Your form should now look similar to Figure 1.

Figure 1. The multiline text box is the field in which InfoPath will track changes.

The next steps for the initial setup are to provide the storage for the changes being made to the field:

Drag a repeating section under the text box you added in the previous steps.

Modify the properties of the repeating section and uncheck the Allow Users to Insert or Delete the Sections option.

In the Fields pane, rename the first group to groupTrackChanges.

Rename the repeating group2 to groupChanges.

Under the groupChanges, add a field named NumberOfChanges and make its data type a Whole Number (Integer).

Under the groupChanges, add a field named Changes and make its data type Rich Text (XHTML).

Under the groupChanges, add a field named UserName and leave its data type as Text (String).

Drag the Changes field into the repeating section on the form.

Resize the rich text box such that it is the same as the normal text box and make it read-only.

Your form should now look similar to Figure 2.

Figure 2. The repeating group will contain the changes made to in the text box.
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