Full Frame DSLR And Violent Fight

1/23/2013 9:16:39 AM

Canon and Nikon face in every series about full-frame camera’s price. In addition, Sony also return after many years of being absent from this market.

In 2012, Ni-Ca fight was the most violent. 2 competitors compete not only in small and medium but also typical products as well as new models. Sony took a rest for a while after producing 2 products A900 and A850 and operate again with A99 that is appreciated.

Description: Canon 1D X predominates over Nikon’s D4.

Canon 1D X predominates over Nikon’s D4.

EOS 1D X was introduced at the end of 2011; however, it was considered “detonator” in war that made many people loving photography satisfy in 2012. Canon often kept the number one position in the period that digital camera have risen in the last decade. But in 2007, Nikon’s appearance made balance beam in high-ranking digital camera gain balance. Competitor’s power makes Nikon find out solution for complex problem about the way to distinguish equipment series and leading technology. EOS 1D X is the answer. Any photographers desire to have this product although they have just heard about technological parameter. It has full-frame image sensor with 18 points, new Digic 5+ processing chip. Maximum ISO can gain 204,800 and has 61 auto focus points. In addition, it has fantastic continuous shooting speed: 14 picture frames/second.

Nikon also introduced its most typical product 3 months later (compared with D4). Although its technological parameter is lower than colleague EOS 1D X, it is valuable to possess because its price is lower than $800 (1D X’s price is $6,800). Nikon’s product has full-frame sensor with 16.2 points RGB 3D Color Matrix Meter III 91,000 pixel exposure sensor, ISO 204,800 and continuous shooting speed is 10 picture frames/second.

It’s easy to distinguish that both EOS 1D X and Nikon D4 were strategic products of 2 brands that reached to Olympic 2012 in London, England. Although Canon has technological parameter that is better than competitor, it is slow in publishing product in the market. D4 appeared later; however, it was started to be sold earlier than EOS 1D X for some weeks.

Description: Nikon D800 and 5D Mark III are 2 competitors that have the same ability and strength.

Nikon D800 and 5D Mark III are 2 competitors that have the same ability and strength.

Canon won in the first fight, but it had difficulty in the second fight with medium full-frame series. Although 5D Mark III is appreciated, its appearance doesn’t make people who love photography feel satisfied with improved version of legend 5D Mark II. In addition, D800’s appearance makes Nikon excel and full-frame model’s sensor has 36.2-megapixel resolution. In the previous years, D700 wasn’t as good as 5D Mark II and this is an evident. At present, Nikon has changes that are more suitable than new 5D Mark III model.

The appearance of 1D X, D4, D800 or 5D Mark III could make many people curious. But D600 and Canon 6D were introduced in 2012 and it was unexpected thing. Nikon caught general trend of the market that attached importance to full-frame camera, so it early introduced D600 camera - this is the first product model towards cheap price series. Dream about full-frame camera will quickly become true to many people who love photography because its price is $2,100. It is considered a daring but suitable step of Nikon.

Description: D600 and 6D have a fight to series of full-frame camera with cheap price.

D600 and 6D have a fight to series of full-frame camera with cheap price.

In reality, the leading thing doesn’t mean the winner. After a period of time, Canon introduced 6D, a real competitor that has the same price and some better features. In reality, excluding some technological parameters needed to test, depending on everyone’s taste, Canon’s product creates the difference with integrating Wi-Fi and GPS. For amateur users, these features are rather attractive. They are suitable to trends that are developing strongly on compact or mirrorless cameras.

Spice of fight in 2012 had moreish taste of Sony. Sony is a big camera firm and it often produces sensor for Nikon. In the last 4 years, Sony has been dormant in full-frame series. A900 and A850 introduced in 2008 created not too much mark for this firm. Consequently, rumors about A99 model that was going to be introduced made many experts wait for.  

Description: A99 remarks Sony’s returning in full-frame camera market.

A99 remarks Sony’s returning in full-frame camera market.

It took a lot of time to research market and technology for product; however, A99 is considered the most excellent answer that Sony wants to send to Nikon and Canon. A99 is the first model of Alpha series to use dual newly focusing technology basing on phase. CMOS Exmor is the inside sensor of camera with full-frame of 24x36mm size and 24.2-megapixel resolution. In addition, it is prominent with focusing system that has big point. The total point of 120 includea 19 points focusing through phase, 11 points focusing with cross-type form and 102 points focusing around. Its weight is lighter than many full-frame products with only 733 grams and continuous speed of shooting 6 picture frames/second (increasing to 10 in the case of focus and exposure).

High ranking camera isn’t product that is upgraded every year, so it will take some years so that users can see an impressed fight in this series.


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