How To Deal With Windows And Network-Related Problems (Part 2)

12/21/2012 9:21:32 AM

How can I open folder with single click? I was surely too slow to double-click, thus I hardly brought the result I wanted.

To configure Windows to accept single-clicking command, open a folder on wallpaper then press Organize on top-left corner. Now choose “Folder and search options”.

In Windows 8, you will need to click on View tab, then choose “Change folder and search options” from Options menu.

Open General tab and look for “Click item as follows” area. Select the uppermost option, “Single-click to open an item (point to select)” and press OK.

This solution is only useful when operated in Windows Explorer. If you are facing difficulty double-clicking in other apps, a better solution is to change the speed at which double-clicking is performed.

Open Control Panel and type click in Search box. Find and select “Change mouse click settings”, which brings out Mouse Properties box. Choose Buttons tab and you will find a slider allowing you to adjust double-clicking speed.

Next to the slider lies an icon enabling you to test settings. Move the slider to the left, and then watch whether you can open a folder by a single-click. This makes you easier double-clicking to open a folder, but now you’ll have to be careful not to move the cursor between clicks.

Too fast double-clicking

Too fast double-clicking

HomePlug problem

Recently, I have built an extension in the kitchen and home office at the end of my garden. Wi-Fi signal can’t reach the office, even with the help of a Wi-Fi repeater. I tried HomePlug but the office seems lying on a different zone. Can you help me connect to the Internet with a mininum cost? I don’t want to dig through my garden just to install cable.

If there’s no cheaper way to install more cables between home and office in the garden, you have to use outdoor antenna. You will need to buy one wireless router that supports the antenna as an alternative.

Before following this way, check whether there’s any sockets (in the garden) that work in the same electric network with your office. A socket in your newly extended area is probably suggested.

Leave HomePlug adaptor configured in the garden’s office then try other adaptors in many sockets in the house. If the connection turns red to green, indicating the communication between two devices, you have just found one area from where network connection can be shared.

Next step is to take connection from wide-bandwidth router to the socket you have set up. It can be simply done by moving the router out of its current position or laying Ethernet cable between router and adaptor.

If you want to avoid configuring router in the new kitchen, you may create a wireless connection between both by using a Wi-Fi repeater. Edimax, available at, is an example shown below. A Wi-Fi range extender will turn HomPlug’s landline Ethernet port into a wireless port, allowing it to communicate with router and send signals to your office.

HomePlug issue

HomePlug issue

Wideband connection didn’t work

I couldn’t connect to the Internet except for when I picked my phone up. I didn’t make any change in settings. I tried restarting everything and checking whether they are correctly plugged. It must note that my phone lines got wrinkled but BT provider wanted $150 to come and check it out. Can you help me?

First, be assured that you won’t receive a large bill for reparation. BT charges customers if one of their engineers wastes times checking for no error. Thus, your matter can be easily explained, this won’t happen.

If your wide-band connection only work when the telephone is taken out of deck, there may be problem with ADSL filter, or it might have been accidentally removed. In case you added a second phone somewhere in the house, it needs a separate ADSL filter to prevent Internet noise.

Try unplugging all fixed telephones. If the issue stops, the telephone having error or lack of ADSL filter has been causing problems.

A video at will show you how to check the network.

If your wide-band connection is reliable, it’s recommended to have a free connection test done by BT at It will automatically check you connection and an engineer will be sent to solve the issue.

Wide-band connection didn’t work

Wide-band connection didn’t work.

Images were too small

I scanned some images and wanted to enlarge them for printing. I was able to enlarge them in the screen but printouts came in the same size. I am running Windows 7, there’s no other editor installed. Please help me!

Windows 7 provides versatility in printing images. Select and right-click one or more images in Windows Explorer, then choose Print to bring out Print Pictures box. It allows you to adjust size and paper, image quality and some options for formatting.

If you want each image to stretch all over the paper, select “Full page photo” from many formats on the right. You can also choose from other popular sizes that can print a lot of images per page or not, in accordance with paper size.

You images, of course, may not appear in the size of paper used. “Fit picture to frame” option ensures your image fill the entire page, but it will crop some areas in the corners if necessary to make thing look appropriate. Leave this option inactivated in case you prefer printing the full image then cutting some extra paper.

Windows will automatically apply sharpening for the images being printing. If you don’t want this to happen, click on Options link in the dialog box’s bottom then disable sharpening in Print Settings popping up.

To have control over printing size, right-click your image and choose Edit to open Windows Paint or other photo editors installed. In Paint, choose Print, Page Setup, then adjust margin then opt for magnification ratio (%) for original images. You may preview how it will look by using Print Preview option.

Images were too small

Images were too small


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