Roccat Kone Pure – Accurate & Comfortable

1/9/2013 9:08:01 AM

A gaming mouse that has it all and carries a price to match

Roccat's Kone series of mice has always targeted gamers who need the utmost customization and features from their mouse. Though the Kone Pure is cheaper and simpler than the new Kone XTD it has recently launched alongside, it's still a very feature rich mouse, and comes with a hefty $109 price, which is always going to place it at the niche end of the market.

Roccat Kone Pure

Roccat Kone Pure

It comes kitted out with an 8200dpi laser sensor, as well as a 72MHz Turbo Core V2 32-bit ARM processor alongside 576KB of on-board memory. The result of all this gadgetry is a mouse that is very accurate at tracking. Whether in Photoshop, games or general desktop usage, the precision of the mouse is always an asset.

The form of the mouse is also pleasing for the most part, but users with larger hands might find it to be a bit small. It weighs in at 90g, meaning it's sturdy but still light and nimble, and there's no option to change its weight. The Kone Pure has a lovely smooth matte black surface, which makes it a pleasure to hold. Its ergonomically sensible design means it fits your hand well, although the main downside to its shape is that it lacks support for your ring and little fingers, which consequently can end up dragging across the mouse pad.

Roccat Kone Pure

Each of the seven buttons on the Kone Pure are well placed and easy to reach. Not only this, but they are balanced nicely so as to require just the right amount of pressure to click and provide satisfying feedback when they're pushed. The two dpi sensitivity buttons below the scroll wheel require slightly more force, which prevents them from being accidentally pressed. The wheel itself is coated in a high grip rubber material and is sturdy with a pleasant resistance to it.

Roccat's software for customizing the Kone Pure is intuitive and has oodles of options for sensitivity and usability, alongside a powerful macro editor and profile management tools that let you create game specific profiles that activate as soon as you launch the appropriate game. You can also set the LED lighting of the logo to any one of 16.8 million colours according to Roccat. Essentially, the Kone Pure reinforces itself as a niche product by offering more options than the majority of people will ever care to use.

Roccat Kone Pure

A particularly handy feature is the Easyshift key, which can be set to either thumb button (or disabled), which when pressed alters the function of the rest of the buttons on the mouse. The specific function of each button and its Easyshift equivalent can be set in the software.

The Kone Pure is an excellent mouse. It's accurate, comfortable (except for the missing support for your ring finger and pinkie), and customizable to a nearly overwhelming degree. However, at $109, it's also really expensive. If you can afford it and genuinely need the features it offers, go for it. However, for everyone else, significantly cheaper mice that are still comfortable and high performing, like Epic Gear's Meduza, are not too hard to come by.


·         Price: $109

·         Manufacturer: Roccat

·         Website:

·         Required spec: A free USB 2 port


·         Quality: 9

·         Value: 6

·         Overall: 7


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