Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 - Samsung's Best Tablet Yet

1/16/2013 9:22:49 AM

Samsung Galaxy Note Smartphone is sure to be paid attention to more because it has huge 5.3-inch screen. On other hand, when we see Galaxy Note 10.1 in the first time, it seems to be trivial.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

About countenance, it is rather similar to original 10-inch tablet of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. However, its name is “Note” because it has stylus to soak in below angle in the right.

Here a stylus is very useful on Galaxy Note 5, but it can be convenient for people who like drawing. It seems to be faster and more exact than original Galaxy Note’s stylus that is often slower than 1 or 2 seconds after your handwriting. Stylus has good combination with S Note application of Samsung that is installed and Adobe’s Photoshop Touch that isn’t installed.

When you are drawing, you can recognize the different rates of pressure, you can draw a thin line with light pressure or a dark line with bigger pressure. If you want to draw on your daily tablet more exactly for any reason, Galaxy Note 10.1 is very ideal.

Stylus is put in the right angle instead of its natural direction: horizontal mode. This mode makes it more remarkable than other tablets and smartphones that mainly use straight direction.

Stylus is not too useful to normal people, except for its new thing. However, Note 10.1 has many other things for it. However, Note 10.1 has many other things for it. LCD 10.1 inch screen has 1,280x800 pixel resolution – It is similar to Galaxy Tab 10.1. And using Galaxy Note 10.1 to read and watch video is a good experience.

1.4 GHz processor of Galaxy Note 10.1 makes it be able to play video well and smoothly. In reality, equipment’s speed is wonderful and it is only obstructed by Android 4.0’s limitation (although 4.0 is a bigger improvement than operating system that was optimized for 3.0, the first tablet of Google). Equipment is fast with induction and converting between applications is very fast and easy. When we tested 10.1 by using Android application with free Antutu Benchmark, it’s grade was as equal as Galaxy S III, leading smartphone of Samsung about speed. S III is the leader of Android speed diagram, so it is really good.

Because of its speed and fastness, we realize that we can some simple games on Note 10.1. We played some games such as – Angry Birds, Roll In the Hole, Imaginary Range and all of them operate well.

Unfortunately, quad core processor means that Note 10.1 spends a lot of battery. It is good. If you use it too much, it can last more than a half of day; however, battery duration seems to be lower than many other tablets. This isn’t a big defect, but we get acquainted with long battery duration on tablet.

Although camera that is put behind Galaxy Note 10.1 is only MP, it is surprisingly good. It can shoot beautifully and clearly although it wrestles in weak or dazzling light and this thing is similar to many mobile cameras. Note 10.1 can also record video with 1,080p or 720p resolution at 30fps speed. Once more time, it is rather gritted in weak light, but its quality is much better than iPad 2 as an example.

When we talk about iPad 2, we compare sound quality of Galaxy Note with iPad 2’s. We realize that Galaxy Note 10.1 contains features that editors call them “effect of laptop loudspeaker” - small and thunderous sound – it also has more details in music. You can exactly listen when a musical note changes and distinguish which musical instrument is using. In conclusion, its sound quality is as good as iPad 2, but it follows another direction.

Galaxy Note 10.1 has version that only has Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi +3G and 3 different capacities: 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. Model that we tested is Wi-Fi 16GB model.

There are more difficulties on Galaxy Note that we didn’t see in the past. Samsung defeated Microsoft in creating a tablet with split screen before introducing Windows 8. In reality, only particular applications can use this split screen feature and most of them have brand name: Samsung. For example, you can open S Note, after that you press “Multiscreen” button in the right angle to open web browser. The first application that you open will be on left angle and the second application will be on right. You can even play video together with browser, so when you are watching film, it’s easy for you to check IMDB.

Video Player application of Samsung also includes “Pop Up Play” feature. If you are playing video, then you decide to do other things on equipment, for example watching main screen. What will you do if you also want to watch video? This thing is very normal. You only needs to press Pop Up Play button and video not only zooms out but also change to “always on top” mode. Then you can press Home button and video will exist here and play on your screen. Moreover, you can move it around screen and resize video’s window without coming back to Video Player application.

This thing seems to be an interesting report about Galaxy Note 10.1 and in general, it is good equipment. However, it has a serious mistake: building quality or lacking this thing. When you hand Note 10.1, it has glue, especially in right angle. When we move to change to front face and let light part behind, plastic cover is curved inside more than our interest. Center as well as equipment’s angle seems to be especially weak and seams aren’t tight. So, these seams should be replaced in some positions. In conclusion, Note 10.1 is built badly. We see its cover, how about its inside parts? It is more expensive than iPad 3, so we hope a similar building quality, but it cannot even gain this thing.

Galaxy Note 10.1 runs well and it allows you to have multitasking that this is the first tablet has. This thing is very wonderful. We like noise screen function, bright screen and fast processor. It will be the best Android tablet that we have ever tested if it has good building quality.

Bad building quality will make a wonderful tablet loose its value.

Bad building quality will make a wonderful tablet loose its value.


  • Price (including VAT): $799 (model only having Wi-Fi); $999 (Wi-Fi+3G)
  • Website:



·         Fast

·         Screen with Galaxy Tab 10.1

·         It has split screen and pop-out video.

·         It is improved more than Galaxy Note about stylus.



·         Bad building quality will make a wonderful tablet loose its value.

·         Ratings: 4/5

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